How to Get out of the Career Rut and Stride Onward

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: May 4, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Do you wonder if you are sick when you wake up every Monday morning? Do you feel jealous when you hear a friend talk positively about their job?

Chances are you are stuck in a career rut. Here are five ways to climb out of the career rut:

Find the root of the problem.

How are you feeling? What is the main reason you are not excited about your job anymore? Ask yourself these questions. The response could vary. If the issue is specific to your current situation, it is time to find a new one. If your passion for the field itself is an issue, then you need to spend more time analysing and contemplating.

Envision where you see yourself next

Knowing what you want to do next and planning to get there is usually a great way to stay motivated. After you have identified the issue you are facing, it is time to face it. Decide what you want to do. It could be finding a similar role in another company, a new job altogether different from the current one, going back to school or moving abroad. Writing down your plans can be an excellent way to keep track of them. You must be ready to work hard to achieve your new ideas, write down realistic time frames for these plans.

Find small solutions.

There is always a solution to a problem; you have to find it. If you are looking for a new job, reconnect with people in the industry and edit your resume and LinkedIn profile with your latest experience and achievements. If you are going to make a career change, then you should be prepared to have more patience and put in more effort. Finding a mentor can also be a great way to determine if you are realistic. You could also consider taking a break to volunteer or pursue other passions and see if it makes you more motivated in your current job.

Meditation and Motivation

Take some time to relax and meditate. You will need the benefits of a calm mind. Take some time off work and plan to use it for your own mental and physical well being. A vacation or a weekend away with family or friends can have a tremendously therapeutic effect.


After you do the four steps mentioned above, you will be ready to take action. Reinvent yourself and network with experts in your field. Stay confident, and you will soon be out of the career rut.