How to Find the Best Planner to Make Your Life More Productive

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  • Date: May 27, 2020
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Using a personal planner can make your life more organised and a lot less complicated; it is one of the secrets of every successful person and is a tool that can help you keep track of your schedule and stay on top of your plans.

Apart from day to day planning and to-do lists, planners can also help you chart out your long term ambition and reach your goals. Finding a good personal planer is a great way to get that first boost you need to start off something you are going to be successful in.

While the New Year is usually the best time to start using a new planner, you can start anytime of the year depending on your annual schedule. While many people prefer yearly planners, some opt for months corresponding to the financial year. You can customise your planner according to your personal preferences.

Here are some tips that will help you find the planner that will be the most useful for you. Knowing what to look for when you head out to buy a planner or order one online is essential to making sure you actually use it.

Planners can help change your life in a way that your schedule is a lot more organised and can help manage your personal life well while keeping all your professional commitments.

The most important objective of owning a planner is to help you stay organised. Apart from keeping all papers sorted, it can also hold details of your business clients, other contacts and various dates and appointment details.

A planner is the best way to save this information since it is unlikely to be stolen and will not die if it doesn’t have battery charge like a phone could. When you write down something you are more likely to fulfil the task since you won’t forget it.

Since you will have all your contacts and other details relating to various business and personal appointments, you are less likely to miss an appointment than if you dint write it down.

A planner will help you set goals and keep track of them. You can be on top of your goals by analysing your weekly and monthly performance on any specific goal. Writing down your daily, weekly and monthly targets will help you not just create targets but ensure you actually fulfill them.

Breaking down a big goal or task into smaller chunks of work can actually help you accomplish more since you are less likely to be daunted by the task at hand. It can help you feel like you are improving on your overall progress and hence keep you motivated to work.

While it may seem like staying motivated is an easy task, it is hard to remain motivated every day. Everyone has days when you feel like calling it quits and heading out for ice-cream or taking walk in the park. Having a planner can help you schedule an ice-cream break or a nature walk that can help make your day more productive when you come back to your desk.

Having a positive attitude is an important factor to being successful. Having a planner and regularly incorporating daily planning into your life can help change your attitude and make you feel more energised than you were. You will realise that in reality you do have time for that workout, and the time to attend a performance you have wanted to see. You will soon schedule your day in a way that you can maximise your time spent on work while avoiding distractions and wasteful activities.

Knowing the purpose of your planner can help you choose the best one. If you are business person, a student or a stay-at-home mom, a planner can help keep your activities scheduled and help you enjoy a well-planned life.

Having a purpose is the best way to maximise your planning efforts.  For example, if you are looking to lose weight and want to track your workouts and diet then a planner can be the best way to do it.

Another important thing to note while buying a planner is to buy the correct size. If it is too large to carry around with you, it is likely that you may soon forget all about it. However, a planner that is very small can be difficult to use if you intend to write a lot or attach other pages. Buy a planner that will fit in your bag and can be easy to carry around with you.

There are many types of planners ranging from simple to very elaborate ones. Choose one that is most suited for your needs. If your goals don’t need monitoring on a daily basis but need a weekly-check approach, then choose a type that has a weekly spread. You can also find planners where you can fill in extra paper and also carry along pens, cards and other important tools. Some planners also allow you to attach extra sheets of notepaper that you could use for writing down random thoughts throughout the day. Best Planner

Finding a colour and style that suits your personality can be very important when choosing a planner since you will use it more often if you actually like it. Keep track of your goals and transform your life with your new planner!

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