How to Choose the Best Portable Projector

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: June 15, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

A portable projector is now becoming an important accessory for all meeting rooms and homes alike. Whether you are looking to buy a portable projector for making great PowerPoint presentations or for a pop-corn fueled movie night at home, you are at the right place. Here are the best ways to choose the best projector that will meet your requirements.

Earlier projectors were huge machines, and transporting them was tough. However, times have changed, and some portable projectors today are light enough to fit into a purse, and some can even easily fit into a pocket. They are also more efficient and provide clearer picture quality than earlier.

Investing in a high-quality projector can enhance the profile of your PowerPoint presentations at your workplace. It can make it a lot more professional looking apart from ease of use.  Some of the latest models of portable projectors can be taken anywhere with you. Whether you are on a business trip to Japan or a family vacation to Hawaii, the projector can come along without making your luggage bulky.

One of the criteria to look for while shopping for a portable projector is the storage on the device since it can be a boon to have enough storage, lest you lose your pen drive.  Other crucial factors include resolution, brightness and the actual weight of the device. Some portable projectors also come along with a screen; however, you needn’t take the screen along everywhere and even project on a plain white wall. Connectivity is also something you should take into consideration when you choose a projector.

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Optoma and Anker Projectors

These are some of the top projectors available both in stores and online. The Optoma ML750ST Ultra-Compact Portable Projector and the Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector are great for movie nights and can be used for professional purposes. Other high-quality projectors are the Elephas iPhone DLP Mini Projector, ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector, WiFi only, and Sony’s Portable HD Mobile Projector.

A good sound system and a lightweight projector can make the visuals a lot more powerful and create a better impact. The weight of a project is significant when making your choice since it can be important when you transport it. If you only intend to use your projector at work, its weight may not be as important. However, weight is a significant factor when choosing one for home movies since you can plan a movie night in a friend’s house, while camping or even in your backyard.

A good battery is another important criterion you should consider before investing in a projector, especially if you intend to use it outdoors or in places without electricity. Most portable projectors are easy to connect and have inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity and also come with cables. Similarly, the projector should be easy to set up and connect to your computer.

If the device has all the qualities you are looking for, including the perfect weight, good performance, and the right size, then go ahead and buy it. Sometimes the projector works differently while on AC power and while being powered by battery, makes sure you check both options before zeroing in on a model.


Photo: Cheon Fong Liew