How to Choose the Best Messenger Bag

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  • Date: August 14, 2020
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Messenger bags are the best way to carry all your technological devices and other things while also looking stylish. Messenger bags are easy to use and are used by both men and women. They are also be used while riding bikes or walking across town.

Worn both cross-body and across one shoulder, messenger bags are a practical solution to carrying around things that you need every day and can also leave your hands free so that you are not tied down by your bag. When choosing a messenger bag, there are many things to keep in mind. The best looking bag may not be the best fit for you if it doesn’t have the features you need.

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Here are some of the things you should look for when selecting a messenger bag:

Colour and Size

The colour of the bag is one of the first things that will help you distinguish your bag from others’. You could choose a regular black or blue or even select a rarer colour to have your bag stand out. Colour depends on an individual’s personality and choice. However, while choosing the size of a bag, it is essential to have a rough estimate of how many things you will need to carry in it. A bag that is too small can become useless, while a bag that is too big can become a burden. Finding the right size of a messenger bag for your needs is essential.

Bag Material

The material used to make the bag can determine the versatility and durability of the bag. Some of the common materials available are leather, canvas, nylon, rubber etc.

Leather bags can look classy and elegant. They also age well and are most suited for professional uses. When fitted with metal accessories and embellishments, they can have a professional look.

Canvas bags can be lightweight and can help you carry around a lot of things without the bag itself, adding to the overall weight. They are also usually water-resistant and can be suitable for rainy days. They are more suited for a casual look and can be a great buy at yearend or season-end sales.

Nylon messenger bags are the most popular among younger people since they are durable and versatile while being available in a variety of colours. They also don’t rip or tear very fast and hence can be long-lasting.  Messenger bags made of rubber are also available and can be suitable for all-weather since they are waterproof and available in many colours. Rubber bags can also have a similar finish to leather bags.

The Strap of the Bag

The strap of the messenger bag should be a size that is wide enough to hold the weight while being narrow enough for you to slip on easily. Wider straps are essential if you plan on carrying heavier items in your bag.

Pockets Inside the Bag

Some bags have many pockets inside the bag. Pockets may be vital to you if you intend to carry many small things. However, if you only want to take your iPad and a few books, then a bag with a few large pockets would be more suited for your purpose.


If you know what you intend to use your messenger bag for, you can find one that fulfils every requirement you have from it. Having a few additional pockets inside and outside the bag for small items like keys, flash drives, a long pocket for a pen and similar things can be useful.

If you are looking to use a messenger bag as a diaper bag, then it should be large enough to hold a good quantity of diapers and wipes and may not need many of the small pockets that some bags come with. You can also choose a diaper bag that is made in the messenger bag style. Choose a diaper bag in a neutral colour rather than a childish looking pink or blue to make it more suitable for all types of purposes and comfortable for both parents to carry.

College students may need bags that can hold a large number of books and have a wide strap to help carry the weight with ease. It can also double as a shopping bag while walking back home or can become the place they store a change of clothes for a sleepover.

We hope our article helps you choose the best messenger bag for your needs. Here are some of the most popular bags available both online and in stores.

Some Suggestions

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