How Not to Treat New Employees

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: July 28, 2018
  • Time to read: 2 min.

When a new employee comes into your office space it can be easy to judge them and treat them differently from the way you treat others who work with you. However a new employee brings with them many fresh things that can enhance your workspace and bring in positive change. Whether the employee is a fresher right out of university or a person with a lot of experience in the field should not change the way you view them.

New hires often say they face discrimination just because they are new at the workplace, this is especially true in companies where the size of the staff is small and new employees are not hired often.

The following are three common attitudes that new employees said they faced from older employees of their company:

Lack of Trust

Trust is one of the most important things when it comes to all types of relationships even workplace relationships and lack of this is one of the major complaints of new staff.  People don’t often trust new staff to work hard and have good ideas. It is easy to assume that a person is not skilled just because they are new, however they may have talent and knowledge that can help you and the company in a multitude of ways.  Don’t hold any prejudice towards new staff.

Leaving new staff out of conversations

They may be new but try to include your company’s new hires into conversation and as many company related activities as possible. Try avoiding jargon they may not understand or explain it to them if you have to use it. It is important that new employees feel like that are an important part of this company and that the value they bring is significant, hence avoiding them or leaving them out from conversations is important.

Not letting new staff take any decisions

You needn’t trust them with the biggest decision of the quarter, but letting them make some minor decisions can create a positive impact on them and help them interact with others apart from increasing loyalty and familiarity. Being new means the person can easily become a scapegoat for bad decisions and the person everyone has their doubts about.

When you hire someone new to be part of your company, you are looking at a long term picture. To enable that kind of loyalty and long term stability it is essential to treat your employees well right from the onset of their arrival to your workplace. Providing a quality workplace which is safe and helps them grow is essential.