Want To Grow Your Marijuana Dispensary? 6 Simple Digital Marketing Tips

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: December 4, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Most of us dream about having our own business set up and in place. Who would not love to choose their own working hours and being their own boss? A lot of dispensaries and companies are coming up in the cannabis industry.

The market is projected to grow to almost $200 billion. Canada has also legalized the use of both medical and recreational marijuana, looking at its various uses and benefits.

Sure, there is quite a demand for various cannabis products in the market, but this does not guarantee that your dispensary will be successful. There are quite a few dispensaries open in Canada, especially in Toronto. It is important that you stay one step ahead of your competition at all times. As a business owner, you have tons of things to keep a track of. Everything from your customers, staff, deliveries, products, rent, electricity, and even the quality of your products is important. Along with all of this, you need to have a strong business strategy that will help you grow both long and short-term.

The most important part of this strategy is marketing. Without effective and strategic marketing, you will not be able to scale your company. If you can not find your groove in the world of digital marketing, you do not need to worry. We have talked to a ton of experts in the field and have come up with simple tricks to help you market your dispensary more effectively.

Learn how to optimize the Google My Business Profile

The most important thing and the most advantageous would be to use a free tool that is available to all business owners. Google My Business is exactly that, it can help you manage your business listings in Google search results. This will help you manage the various details of your business that are presented online to your customers. If you want to market your products effectively, having a listing here is quite important to your success.

 According to a survey posted on HubSpot, more than 90% of people who search for local businesses on their mobile device visit or call them the same day. This means that your profile needs to be optimized so that your results appear ahead of your competitors. Make sure that the information your put up online is correct, such as your phone number, address, and website. Add your business hours, choose the right business category so that Google can help your business appear in that category.

Update any third-party directories with the right information

If you are using any third-party directories or websites to help promote your business, it is essential that you get it listed correctly. This will enable you to foster and cultivate brand awareness that will improve your local rankings quite a lot. It will also give you a wider base of target audience. List your phone number, address and dispensary name along with a link to your official website. Try looking for directories that have a strong authority so that it shows up earlier in searches.

Use pay per click to boost your marketing

One of the best ways to start getting your business noticed and out there is by opting for some pay per click advertisements to increase traffic to your website. You will have to pay a certain amount of money every time a person visits your website through the advertisement. If you run a successful PPC campaign, it is quite easy to get more leads and conversions and to boost your business tremendously in a short period of time. You can search for ppc management Toronto if you want to launch a proper campaign. This will enable your business to build a strong online presence and you might just get more conversions.

Display your products effortlessly

We all know how much first impressions matter. This is why we decorate our stores and products in such a way that they look attractive to our customers. This should be done for your website as well, not only for your dispensary. An online menu will work wonders for your business as it will give your customers a good level of transparency.

Online consumers are more likely to purchase a product from your website if they can see imagery associated with that product. More than 80% of smartphone users are quite influenced by imagery when they search online to buy a product. It is better to use multiple photos of the same product rather than just using one. You can also showcase certain special offer packages on your homepage along with some good pictures for your blogs to get your audience interested.

Online reviews are your company’s best friend

Referrals and reviews can do what other marketing strategies can’t. It helps build a good chain of word-of-mouth marketing so that your local audience is more loyal to you. This is a huge local ranking factor in helping people decide which dispensary to choose. If you and your competitor have all things equal, the deciding factor for most people would be the reviews.

 Inculcate a habit of asking your customers to leave a review and tell you how their experience was. You can include things such as sending an email after their purchase, asking your regular customers to do this in person, or even use Google’s marketing kit to help create posts that will encourage your customers to leave reviews.

Use email offers to promote repeat purchases

It is important to build up a client profile and history so that you can better understand what kind of marketing would work with your audience. Having proper information about their past purchases will help you in going about email marketing. Email marketing is quite an inexpensive way to help communicate directly with customers. It is also much easier to convert existing customers into buying more products rather than targeting new people. Think about your customer’s preferences in order to match your offers.

It is not an easy task to set up your dispensary in Canada. Use these tips to help you improve your marketing strategies.

Photo by Add Weed on Unsplash