Introducing Greenify Organic Lawn Care of Ottawa

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  • Date: August 12, 2017
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Greenify Organic Lawn Care is an Ottawa lawn care business focused on organic and natural lawn care processes and contributing back to the environment. They are an environmentally conscious brand fused with high-tech practices to deliver a new kind of lawn company.

Greenify Organic Lawn Care is a leading Ottawa lawn care business in organics and natural lawn care. They are an environmentally conscious brand fused with high-tech practices to deliver a new kind of lawn company.

Their practices are streamlined with the customer and environment in mind. They use high-end equipment and practice clean processes to offer you a dependable and effective lawn service, and strive for the best in customer service.

Other facts about Greenify Organic Lawn Care include: 100% chemical and pesticide free, Zero carbon footprint business, An ever-growing acreage of forest (in their name) located in Alberta, They plant trees in their customer’s name with every package sold, A technologically savvy business that is and paper free with GPS quoting, online payment and no contracts, and Free tips and help for their customers, any time they need it.

What services Greenify Organic Lawn Care offers:

Greenify Organic Lawn Care has three main services plus a selection of add-ons. Services start at only $40. The main services offered are:

Lawn Aeration

This is one of the best treatments to help your lawn form a strong root network. Their experienced professionals utilize their deep-core mechanical aerators, and deliver a high-quality service that works.Aerating does a great job on minor thatch. Thatch (or long dead grass) tied up on your lawn suffocates your lawn and deprives it during a critical growth stage: Spring. Aerating busts through all the thatch and sets it up to compost. If you have a crazy amount of thatch – you’ll need a mechanical dethatching. Get a Quick Quote to start the process.

Organic Spring Triple Service

Great for Spring and Fall. A mechanical aeration is completed before we cover your lawn in bio-diverse grass overseed and premium organic fertilizer. Everything your lawn needs to grow thick and be more resistant to drought, weeds and the heat of their Ottawa summers.

Bio-Diverse Overseed. Their premier bio-diverse seed blend is perfect for all lawns in Ottawa climate. Their blend consists of Kentucky Blue and Fescue species. Their overseeding treatment spreads their blend across your lawn in an overlapping pattern drowning your lawn in seed, and filling your core-aerated holes.

Premium Organic Fertilizer. Fertilizing is grass food. It makes a huge difference in thickness, health and colour of your lawn. Their uniquely blended organic fertilizer has every nutrient needed for grass growth, spread evenly into every pellet. Average price is $149 for a medium-sized lawn (3,00ft2/279m2). They use only pelletized organic fertilizer (fertilizer in pellet form) that makes it spreadable and provides even coverage.

Complete Organic Lawn Care Plan

This complete Organic care plan will have your lawn taken care of all season. We hold nothing back on this package and use every product and tool at their disposal to make your lawn green. It’s in their best interest to make you look your best!

We start with a consultation and discuss your needs and plan the strategy with service visits. Then we start right away! Average cost for the Complete Organic Lawn Care Plan is $600/year.

Other services available from Greenify Organic Lawn Care include:Dethatching, seeding, raking, clovers, eco-friendly fertilizing, brown patch revival, compost topsoil delivery, mulch, river stone, trouble areas and yard clean-up and more.

Since everything is paperless, including price quotes and billing, they can service your lawn while you’re away, so you don’t have to stay home waiting for their staff to arrive.

Contact Greenify Organic Lawn Care today to get started.