Good Pet Stuff Litter Box Review

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  • Date: September 3, 2021
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Finding a litter box that doesn’t require its designated space is hard to find since most litter boxes have open tops and look like plastic bins. The last issue a cat owner needs is having a guest complain about the smell coming from their cat’s litter box, which you can control if you buy the right litter box.

You can forget about the distinct aroma and pebbles almost anyone can see on an uncovered litter box when you opt to buy one that works simultaneously to cover any smells as well as compliment the interior decor of your household.

Good Pet Stuff took an innovative approach towards a traditional litter box when they designed it with hidden features. In fact, Good Pet Stuff manufactures the best-selling hidden litter box on the pet care market because it works to blend in with your home.

Good Pet Stuff Litter Box doesn’t come in a box shape but comes in the form of a clay pot with a plant on top. If you’re the type of person to have a lot of plants at home, you can easily put this litter box down anywhere, and no one will notice what its true purpose is.

Keep reading for a detailed review of Good Pet Stuff Litter Box.

Good Pet Stuff Litter Box

Buyers are usually confused when they first see Good Pet Stuff Litter Box because they don’t understand how it works to hold litter and mask any smells effectively. Good Pet Stuff thought about these questions already, which is why they implemented a filtration system along with a dual-layer construction, so both buyers and cats can be happy.


  • Made of polypropylene
  • Filter Ventilation System
  • Dimensions: 19 inches by 19 inches by 14 inches
  • Height with plant: 42 inches
  • Height without plant: 21 inches
  • Entrance Dimensions: 9 inches by 9 inches
  • Multi-Cat Use
  • One year limited warranty
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Who Is Good Pet Stuff?

Good Pet Stuff is a division of Aquiline Innovations Corp., a leading expert in manufacturing pet care supplies and selling them at prices people can afford. This company produces only pet care products, which explains its expertise in the industry.

Other than manufacturing Good Pet Stuff Litter Box, the company sells products suitable for dogs and cats. Do dogs seem to be a focal point for Good Pet Stuff since it offers a Dog Seatbelt Harness along with a Travelin? Dog Seat.

These products aren’t commonly found in the pet care market, so Good Pet Stuff is the brand to rely on when you need a quirky pet care product that’s comfortable and efficient to use. Good Pet Stuff ships its products straight from California to bring the sunshine to your and your cat’s life.

Filtered Ventilation System

Good Pet Stuff Litter Box comes with a filtered ventilation system that ensures the litter inside the clay pot doesn’t experience a buildup of odour and dust. Your cat will have no problem using this litter box since its interior design promotes a well-balanced environment that keeps litter consistently fresh.

The ventilation system is located between the plants and the clay pot’s base, so it’s placed right above the litter pan. Some cats chew or play with the plant that comes with Good Pet Stuff Litter Box to the point that they end up reaching and ruining the filtered ventilation system.

To avoid having your cat mess with Good Pet Stuff Litter Box’s filter, you can place tin foil or rocks around the plant area but make sure you’re not covering the filter itself.

Multi-Cat Use

Good Pet Stuff Litter Box doesn’t follow traditional litter box standards, which is good news for your cat since it can fit into a litter box and finish its business in a peaceful environment that’s cut off from prying eyes.

When you’re not considering the plant, the clay pot reaches a height of up to 21 inches. This is 5 inches higher than a standard litter box, making Good Pet Stuff Litter Box ideal for more than one cat. Most litter boxes can barely suit one cat, let alone two, so it’s easy to say that this one stands apart from the rest.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers rave about Good Pet Stuff Litter Box since it is a litter box disguised in the shape of a clay pot with a plant on top. For those who think a plastic plant is a tacky interior design move, you can easily replace the fake plant with a real one to give your hidden litter box a more lifelike look.

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Most buyers don’t mind the plastic plant because cats tend to play with the plants and soil and confuse it with their litter. This causes some cats to dig around the soil and damage the filter that’s supposed to keep the litter box’s interior clean and odour-free.

Below are some pros and cons to keep in mind before deciding on an ideal litter box for your kitty.


  • Large Size
  • Hidden Design
  • Filtered Ventilation System
  • Inexpensive


  • Fake Plant looks Cheap
  • Flimsy Plastic Body
  • Uses a lot of litter
  • Litter Pan bought separately

Buyer Advice

Based on positive customer reviews, Good Pet Stuff Litter Box is an interesting twist on a bland product that effortlessly fits into your home and your cat’s life. Most cat owners noticed how it didn’t take their cats long to learn how to use the litter box compared to other litter boxes cats typically have to make do with.

Cat’s also love Good Pet Stuff Litter Box because it’s so spacious that they can make a bed section where they can rest and take naps. This litter box is a cat bed and bathroom in one, which means your cat would be living in ultimate comfort.

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Where Can I Buy?

Amazon is the most popular place to order Good Pet Stuff Litter Box compared to other online vendors. Buyers prefer Amazon since it offers a 10% discount off the product’s original prices, so for under $55, you can make your cat’s day with Good Pet Stuff Litter Box.

My Verdict

If you want one that doesn’t look like a litter box, this is the perfect litter box but functions better than most litter boxes. Good Pet Stuff Litter Box breaks the mould by appeasing both the cat owner and cat since it works to make both lives comfortable.

I would highly recommend buying Good Pet Stuff Litter Box because your cat won’t be disappointed.