Getting into Gold Plating

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  • Date: April 28, 2018
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If you’re looking for side business, starting a gold plating business is one of the easier ones to get into, and it can be profitable business.

Why Is Gold Plating a Good Business to Get Into?

When adding gold to any metal item you can expect a profit of around 90% of the cost of plating that item which in turn will generate incomes of between £100 and £300 for every hour you are plating – and it is not just Gold plating that produces such high returns, it is also with the use of other finishes such as Platinum, White and Rose Gold, Rhodium, Silver, Nickel, Copper and even Chrome that profits are enhanced even more.

What Is Gold Plating?

The term “plating” is short for “electroplating.” Without getting technical gold-plating, or electroplating, is the process of covering one metal with a thin layer of another (gold, in the case of gold-plating). The traditional process of plating is pretty straightforward: the item to be plated is immersed in a chemical solution containing the covering metal (for example gold), an electrical charge is applied, and by the process of electrolysis, the gold ions are transferred to the object, for instance, a piece of jewelry. How long the jewelry is left in the solution determines the thickness of the plating. Today, however, majority of platers who work on a smaller level use an alternative method of electroplating known as brush plating.

Four Basic Best Practices for the Best Plating Results:

  • Temperature control. Plating results are best when the temperature is kept at a constant high-level, appropriate for the type of metal. An exception is the process Gold Plating Kit Training uses, that doesn’t require any heating.
  • Voltage control. Plating needs to occur at a certain voltage level, which must be tightly controlled.  Different metals require different voltages.
  • Liquid cleanliness. Plating baths should be constantly filtered to remove dirt and contaminants. When properly maintained, a plating bath can be used for years.
  • Excellent ventilation.  For large operations, there should be plenty of ventilation, and if possible, plating should be performed in a designated space, however this is not required for smaller set-ups as the amount of liquid is usually only around 100-100 ml.

Training in the Trade

Companies like Gold Plating Kit Training can provide you with training and equipment to get you started.

The training provided exclusively by the founder of Gold Solutions is not about ‘how to gold plate’, it is about how to build a successful gold plating business. As this is such a unique field of commerce it requires a completely different approach to business building than any other type of business.

Two things that set Gold Plating Kit Training apart from other brush plating systems: uniquely they do not require any heating whatsoever, and, because it’s a smaller system, the issue of ventilation needed for larger systems is not needed for theirs.


With the virtually unequaled experience gained by the founder of Gold Solutions over at least 10 years with more than 7000 registered clients worldwide there is probably no better equipped person in the world to equal his knowledge.

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