Gaylord Boxes – Introduction, Significance, and Proper Handling

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  • Date: January 27, 2021
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While shifting things from one place to another, containers become necessary to collect things in an appropriate and protected manner. Gaylord boxes are designed and manufactured specifically for such purposes.

About Gaylord boxes

They are named after a North American Gaylord container company that manufactures these boxes in different sizes and shapes. Traditionally, these corrugated boxes were huge in size and were used as shipping containers. But, at present, several types are available in the market which can be used for different purposes.

Apart from packing and transporting objects, these containers are often used as a playhouse by children. Some sellers use these boxes to sell their products directly after opening the containers in a sale area. The other types of them, such as pallet containers, skid boxes, bulk bins, tote boxes are also referred by the same term now.

Great Importance for Various Types of Businesses

Gaylord boxes are really very significant for various types of businesses. Due to their good strength, flexibility, customization features, and other benefits, traders like to use them to contain, transfer, and sell their products. Some awesome significant factors of Gaylord containers are:

Good Strength

These pallet containers have good strength to lift heavy objects of different types and sizes. According to, their walls are made of different layers of corrugated materials that provide desired firmness and stability to these boxes. The corrugated cardboard is created after crumpling and glueing a kraft paper and is cut into pieces to make a container. They are so durable and potent that a box made of double to triple thickened sheets can have the capacity to lift a weight of approximately 1000 pounds. Whereas, other versions of them can pick up even more weight.

Different types and sizes

There are several types and sizes of Gaylord boxes available in the market. Some of them are made of single-layer while others are made of double to triple walls according to different requirements and goals. Most of them fit easily on a pallet and can be moved and stored anywhere without difficulty. A cargo box version of them is available with double walls and lid features. Its dimension, with 58”x 42”x45”, has a capacity to lift a weight approximately 1,200 lbs.

Minimize production cost

All businessmen try their best to minimize their production costs, and Gaylord boxes help a lot in this direction. They can use different sizes of them to store different types of objects into them. Their plastic liners feature saves the articles from fungus, moisture, termites, and small animals. Thus, their valuable production can remain unharmed or safe for many days to come. This helps save their good amount of money on reproduction and assembly.

Take less space

While transferring materials, it is always good to utilize a mechanism that saves space in a cargo, ship, or train, etc. Gaylord containers are designed specifically for such purposes. Anyone can put from small to big objects into them and load them over a vehicle easily. Taking less area, they provide good space for other things to place there. In this way, a good amount of money on transportation taxes is saved.

Helpful for moving

While moving, containers are essential to collect and protect objects. People who plan to move to another house can use these boxes easily to pack their valuable articles. These boxes also come with a pallet for the convenience of shipping. The stamped pallet with a heat resistance feature can even lift 765 pounds weight without difficulty. This not only saves objects from deterioration but also makes the process of moving smooth and comfortable.

Great customization feature

The Gaylord boxes are also available in a flat and disassembled shape. To reduce space and minimize shipping costs, traders like to order them without assembling. Later, while storing their production, they can connect containers’ parts without glue, tape, or staple. After use, these boxes can again be folded and placed anywhere easily. Thus, they help to avoid cluttering and confusion in the workplace also.

Environment-friendly and easy to recycle

Today, many industries are incorporating environment-friendly techniques to reduce wastage and increase productivity. The pallet boxes are made of safe corrugated paper material which is completely environment friendly. After using these containers, one can give them to some recycling industry and help save earth from harm such as pollution, exploitation of natural resources, etc.

Reselling purpose

These containers are capable of providing extra income to businesses. After usage, businessmen do not throw them in a bin. They either reuse or sell them to some company that uses these boxes for various purposes. The labourers of such companies come to the place of a seller to get these boxes.

Proper handling of Gaylord boxes

To maximize workers’ efficiency and protect the material within containers, it is essential to handle Gaylord boxes safely. Some useful steps for this purpose are:

  • To avoid musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, workers should not lift such excessive heavyweight boxes on their own. They can work together or have mechanical assistance while doing so.
  • Improper practise of lifting and loading can cause serious injuries to labourers. To avoid such risks, they should take proper training and guidance of lifting heavy objects from some professional institute.
  • It is important to utilize appropriate mechanical pieces of equipment for proper loading and unloading of Gaylord boxes. While unloading articles from a box, make sure that containers are placed In a suitable positioning. Incorporating other safe operations of lifting, use tools such as tilt table or skid lifter, etc. for good ergonomics.

Gaylord boxes have proved exceptionally useful for various industries, factories, institutions, and domestic activities. These containers’ success is hidden in their great features of strength, durability, space-saving, eco-friendliness, customization, etc. Above all, they help to cut costs and save money in all types of businesses. With such awesome features, anyone would like to use them as per their specific needs and goals.