Frank + Oak Looks to Expand Into Women’s Fashion

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: September 25, 2017
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Montreal based  Frank + Oak  started off as an online menswear retailer and subscription service startup offering members a limited feed of clothing and accessories, it now looks to expand its membership scope and include women’s wear into its profile.

Frank + Oak  has in around 5 years become a popular name in the world of retail and has got its customer base strong even with other Canadian clothing companies are seeing falling revenues. Its line of basics has been a hit with millennials across North America and is now a company with around 250 employees and a customer count of more than around 3 million.

Apart from the company run website and the app, Frank + Oak also operates traditional stores that promote the Frank + Oak brand and its clientele’s preferences with in store cafes and barbershops. The company has now forayed into the world of womenswear, something that is expected to bring in a new range of customers to its profile but can also be a very risky move that could make some subscribers upset.

The foray into women’s fashion puts the company in a much more competitive market and could be a way to double its target customer base. The company entered the world of menswear at a time when online sales were increasing and the boom had just begun. Now however, growth in men’s online retail is slowing which makes the launch of women’s wear a great new addition to their brand.

Last summer Frank + Oak ran a teaser of their entry into the women’s segment by promising early access to customers who signed up. The pre sale included many trusted basis that were an instant hit with millennial women who understand that comfort and style go together. The collection included cotton tee-shirts, cardigans and even higher end blazers. High demand meant that the website crashed on its first day and the company reported that it had 100,000 customers in the first two months.

Company executives feel that machine learning and artificial intelligence are going to be the future of the online retail business with customer’s online profiles determining their choice in clothing and style statement.

On its Youtube channel Frank + Oak describes itself as designers, web geeks, architects and artists with a simple goal: to bring you the clothes you crave, efficiently, affordably and intelligently. “Our tight knit crew handles every detail of your experience: from the online shop, to the design of our clothes, to the way we deliver your goods. Membership is always free.”

While the world of women’s clothes may seem simple and easy it can be very complex and bring with it many challenges. Only time will tell what Frank + Oak will experience in the uncertain world of women’s clothes.