Finding The Perfect Multi-Tool

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  • Date: December 8, 2021
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One of the most important resources to have while travelling outdoors is a multi-tool. A multi-tool is a versatile instrument that includes multiple functions and tools under one device. Multi-tools allow you to carry one gadget instead of spending hundreds on unique tools.

That’s why we want to help you find the best multi-tool available. We’ll give you the knowledge needed to make a conscious and efficient buying decision in our short guide. By the end of this post, you’ll have an affordable and reliable multi-tool that’ll assist and suit your daily needs.

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Things You Should Know Before Buying A Multi-Tool

Let’s face it, multi-tools are very functional and handy tools, but you need to be aware of their advantages and limitations. This helps you understand the actual utility of your multi-tool and keeps you aware of when it will work and when it is unable to complete the task.

In this section, we will break a few myths behind multi-tools. Use this information when making your purchase to ensure that you get an appropriate multi-tool that satisfies or even exceeds your personal preferences.

Multi-Tools Are No Substitute For Real Tools

It is a common misconception to think that your multi-tool is ideal for every task when out in the wild. Sometimes, your scissors and wire cutters won’t have enough strength to cut through tough objects with ease.

Because of this fact, we recommend keeping only a few single-use tools (hunting knife, wrench, pliers, etc.) with you to maximize your performance and survival.

Knife Blades Are Only For Minor Tasks

Remember, your knife blade is not only useful for short and simple tasks. You’ll be able to do things such as opening up boxes and cutting through rope but don’t expect it to work as strong as a hunting knife. Your knife blade should only be used for EDC tasks, and it should be repaired and sharpened frequently.

Keeping your knife repaired is the best opportunity to enhance your multi tool’s lifespan. On average, you’ll save up to 2 extra years if you decide to take care of your multi tool’s knives.

Smaller Is Not Better

Just because a small multi-tool doesn’t mean that it will work in every scenario, you come across. Smaller sized tools break more often, get exposed to rust easier, and don’t work as well as a single heavy-duty tool.

Fortunately, some high-quality multi-tools on this list work as good as single-use tools. Leatherman knives are built to last and take a lot of damage before seeing any gaps or losses in quality.

Leatherman Vs. Gerber?

It’s important to know the difference between these two brands to get a resourceful multi-tool.

The main difference between the two brands is the quality of their warranty. Gerber provides a complete lifetime warranty for customers who live in the U.S. If you live outside the U.S. region, the warranty lasts up to 25 years.

Leatherman’s warranty is only 25 years for the tools and ten years for their tactical lights. But, they promise to give a multi-tool of equal value if yours becomes broken. No matter which manufacturer you buy, you’ll receive a fully operational multi-tool for all of your projects.

What to Pay Attention When Choosing Your Multi-Tool

With hundreds of different options, choosing a multi-tool can be difficult. That’s why you need to pay attention when buying a multi-tool.

Tool Components

Before investing, you need to find out what tool parts are in your multi-tool. Here are the top seven components that every multi-tool should have:

  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Pile
  • Pilers
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Tweezers

If your multi-tool doesn’t have any of your components, it might be low quality. Cheap multi-tools have limited tools inside of them, making them less useful during important moments. Fortunately, the tools in this review have all of these components, and each of them works at an exceptional level.


If there’s one factor that you need to notice, it’s the quality of your multi-tool. Some manufacturers make multi-tools that don’t work when needed and can be a waste of money. To prevent that, you need to test your multi-tool to ensure that it will work in practical scenarios where you’ll need it.

SOG Multitool with Hex Driver Set - Baton Q4 EDC Multi Tool Kit with Pliers, Pocket Knife, Torx and Hex Screwdriver Set with 12 Bits (ID1031-CP)

If your multi-tool doesn’t have any redeemable qualities, search for another one. The multi-tool should be able to work on multiple occasions without failing. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have a tool with a warranty, so it’s easier to return if it doesn’t work.

Extra Features

When getting your first multi-tool, there are some features that you’ll need to look for. Each of these features helps you get the most out of it. Each of the multi-tools in our review has all of these features and should be considered when making a purchase.


While often overlooked, the sheath is an essential accessory to have. It protects and conceals your multi-tool for everyday usage. Look for a multi-tool with sheaths made of leather or nylon. The leather is more rip-proof than the cheaper material.

Nylon is an excellent choice if you need a waterproof sheath. Campers like it because the sheath remains in good condition even after being used for a long time. Decide what material you use to ensure that your multi-tool receives the ultimate protection.

One-Handed Mechanism

As its name suggests, multi-tools with one-handed mechanisms are mandatory if you’re out camping. Multi-tools with this feature allow users to open up a certain tool without manually opening each tool first.

Locking Feature

You need a multi-tool where each component remains in place once in use. Multi-tools with a locking feature prevents the other tools from pivoting back and damaging your hand. Make sure that your multi-tool has a locking feature so that you can utilize each tool without any interruptions.


The design is a direct indicator of the quality of your multi-tool. Do your tools remain sharp during long periods of usage? Or do they break and become easily exposed to corrosion? Keep these questions in mind when inspecting your multi-tool. The best-designed multi-tools will have a sleek appearance while remaining functional when completing everyday tasks.

Check the design of your multi-tool. To do this, see if the tools remain stable when used for a task. If they begin to wobble, it’s a manufacturers design flaw, and it needs to be replaced. Monitoring the design of your multi-tool helps you buy the right one that works for the long run.

Best Multi-Tool

Searching For The Best Multi-Tools? Maybe this list we could find can help narrow down your list.

Winner: Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

Like most multi-tools available in today’s market, the Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool comes with many interesting features. For instance, the tool has spring-action jaws, making it easier to open and close the tool. You’ll find this device on Amazon at a price of around $45.

So what makes the Leatherman Wingman different from competing products? The answer is the fully functional and useful tools that it provides. This device consists of a 1.5-inch ruler, wire stripper, multiple pliers, and screwdrivers to handle virtually any task at hand.

  • One-hand opening mechanism
  • Locking blade
  • Removable Pocket Clip
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • 420 HC Steel Knife

Another plus is the multi-tools durability. The tool’s stainless steel construction prevents it from obtaining rust or being exposed to corrosion. On average, this device tends to last up to 4 years longer than competing products. Thus, it’s a great choice if you want a utility tool for the long term.

The pliers were one individual tool that consumers liked. For instance, the steel pliers made bending, twisting, and cutting wires easier. Competing devices usually had wires that would break only minutes after using them. But with the Leatherman Multi-Tool, you’ll have sturdy pliers to assist you on your next camping trip.

And, the knife is another individual tool that received excellent reviews. Your knife remains sharp and takes only a few minutes of sharpening. You can use the knife to cut through tree branches, remove string, or for self-defence purposes. You’ll like this device if you need a strong blade that won’t break after the first usage.

We also like the accessibility that this product provides. For instance, you can wear the multi-tool around your belt or on a lanyard, and this prevents the tool from slipping from your pocket and becoming lost while camping. Get this product if you want something easy for EDC and the outdoors.

The only issue lies in the device’s locking mechanism. Users reported that the button for unlocking and locking the blade is too close to the user’s thumbs, leading to the knife unlocking by accident and potentially slicing open your finger. Proceed with caution with this device to prevent any unwanted injuries.

Consumers regard the Wingman as the best Leatherman multi-tool for the average camper. It’s versatile, reliable, and is easy for anyone to use. Buying this device gives you a jack-of-all-trades tool to assist you with both simple and complex tasks.

Runner Up: Gerber MP600 Multi-Tool

Featuring Gerber’s renowned sliding plier jaws, the MP600 is the ultimate tool for EDC. The device consists of 14 different tools that are easily accessible by the user. If you want an affordable and long-lasting tool, you can find it on Amazon for about $45.

As we’ve stated above, the pliers are Gerber’s best feature on this multi-tool. The pliers slide open through a locking mechanism or the flick of one hand. Because of this, users found it easy to deploy and use the pliers during situations where they needed them the most.

  • Ballistic Nylon Sheath
  • Black Oxide Steel Handle
  • 14 Fully Locking Tools
  • Tungsten Carbide Insert Cutters
  • One-handed Pliers

One thing that sets this device from the competition is its tungsten carbide wire cutters. It’s reversible, meaning that you can flip the cutters 120 degrees. You’ll have a good-as-new functioning wire cutter. After you complete three rotations, the entire cutter can be completely replaced.

For EDC, this multi-tool has the best carrying sheath that’s available. The ballistic nylon sheath is rip-proof, tough, and is easy to open and close. Gerber created the sheath with high-quality materials to protect the multi-tools contents, which is another reason you should buy this product.

Lower quality multi-tools tend to become unsteady while in usage, and these tools are usually wobbly, making it harder for users to get the most out of the tools. But with the MP600, the tools remain locked in place during usage, making it easier for you to complete your projects without hassle.

The black oxide coating provides another design advantage. The coating is only a micrometre thick, making it great for corrosion resistance and long term durability. You’ll like this multi-tool if you want something that looks good and lasts longer than the competition.

However, there have been a few negative reviews about the scissors. While the scissors can be changed, they aren’t durable for long term use. Expect to replace your wire cutters often if you plan on using them frequently.

Gerber designed this modern multi-tool to be used for any occasion. It’s a simple multi-tool that’s great for camping, cutting, hunting, and EDC. Buy this product if you want something that won’t fail you during emergencies.

Alternative: Leatherman Juice Multi-Tool

Third, in our review is the Leatherman Juice Multi-Tool. It’s a small multi-tool that measures 3.25 inches at its length when fully closed. The tool is compact, weighing only 4.4 oz. The blade consists of 420 HC Stainless Steel, making it very sturdy for a multi-tool. You can buy this on Amazon at around $70.

The knife is the best individual tool inside of this device. Users like the knife feature because it can be utilized without opening the tool. Competing devices require you to open the plier handles to use the knife, not with this multi-tool. Leatherman knives are always designed for easy access and utilization.

  • Lanyard Ring
  • 420 HC Stainless Steel
  • 4.6 oz
  • 3.25 Inch Blade Length
  • 12 Functional Tools

Consumers find the Leatherman Juice Multi-Tool fun to use. Since it’s lightweight, there’s no reason not to have this device in your pocket 24/7. The handles are nicely rounded and don’t snag or clump up in your pocket. This gives you the advantage of a powerful multi-tool to be used at any given moment.

While this multi-tool is inexpensive, it has a first-rate design ahead of the competition. For example, it comes with spring-loaded pliers that allow for one-hand opening. Buy this multi-tool if you like having your tools accessed in a short period.

Also, the steel side plates are a great addition to the tool’s overall performance. The plates have a smooth flat surface useful for engraving and etching. People like the Leatherman Juice S-2 Multi-Tool because the side plates are durable and don’t break after frequent usage.

The rough leather sheath is great for long term storage. Competing brands have sheaths made out of riveted material that breaks easily. Rest assured that this sheath won’t break and fits safely in your pocket when you’re out camping.

You’ll have to look out for the weak pliers. When removing bolts, the pliers tend to bend them out of shape. If this issue occurs, try to call for a replacement.

Still, we believe that the Leatherman Juice Multi-Tool is a great asset in your inventory. The device is corrosion-resistant, durable, and is sold at a modest price. You should get this multi-tool if you want something long-lasting and useful for your next camping excursion.

2nd Alternative: Bear Grylls Multi-Tool

If anyone knows what a camper needs, it’s Bear Grylls. This product has a rugged construction and is a great all-around tool. Campers regard this as the go-to survival tool for EDC. You’ll find this product on Amazon at about $50.

The scissors are the best individual features that come with this device. They are sharp, compact, and deliver a satisfactory amount of force when using them. The scissors are strong enough to cut through most material and are a great tool to have while outdoors.

  • Ergonomic Rubber Grip
  • Safe T.Plus System
  • Nylon Sheath
  • Easily Accessible External Components
  • 6.3″ Overall Length

It also includes a mini survival booklet that fits inside the sheath’s side compartment. This booklet gives users professional information on building traps and shelter and aids them in navigation in the wild. For first time backpackers, this accessory is a godsend.

Plus, the multi-tool features a Safe T.Plus System. Do other devices have tools that open unexpectedly? Making it harder to utilize the tools for the task at hand. The system serves as a locking mechanism that keeps each tool in place when used.

We also like that we don’t have to open handles to access the other tools. This gives you a huge advantage and provides quick and easy access during emergencies. Buy this multi-tool if you’re a camping aficionado who needs a tool with high accessibility.

Consumers like this device because of its versatility. The device has over 12 tools to be used at your disposal. You’ll have a lanyard ring, and a saw, fine-edge and serrated blades, and a multi-tool pocket clip when getting this product. Each of the tools is functional and requires little effort using it.

Our biggest issue with the Bear Grylls is the Phillips screwdriver attached to it, and it’s unable to install and remove screw heads effectively as a regular screwdriver.

Bear Grylls obviously created this multi-tool for outdoor usage. Buying this tool gives you a fully functional device capable of handling any situation that might occur. For campers, hunters, and urban survivalists, you’ll fall in love with this device.

Best Pocket Multi-Tool

If you carry around a multi-tool in your bag or pocket for quick fixes, repair work, or just in case you need a sharp edge, a screwdriver, or pair of

SOG Credit Companion Multi-Tool

The SOG Credit Companion Multi-Tool is a minimalist’s dream knife. The tool has a slim profile that subtly fits in your pocket, and you can use it as a card or money clip. This useful multi-tool is found on Amazon at around $28.

One thing that we’ve noticed is its ABS plastic covering. Due to its sturdy construction, it can withstand years of abuse. Because of this feature, expect this multi-tool to last for up to 4 years before needing a replacement.

  • Liner Lock Mechanism
  • ABS Plastic Construction
  • 9 Essential Tools
  • 2-inch blade for cutting tough materials
  • Compact Size

We like this multi-tool because of its compact design. It weighs 1.4 ounces and has an overall length of 2.125 inches. Users like this product because it fits snug in their pockets without cutting or destroying the fabric.

People like the quality of the individual tools of this multi-tool. For example, the multi-tool has a screwdriver, bottle opener, knife, and 8x power lens. Look into this tool to ensure that you’re prepared for any situation when out in the wild.

But, we don’t like the pickers lack of durability. Some customers stated that the pikers fell off once used in the field. Rest assured, a limited lifetime warranty backs this multi-tool. If you see an issue with the device, don’t hesitate to receive a refund.

SOG products have gained respect and recognition from industrial and military customers who want their tools to perform professionally. The Credit Card Wallet is the best pocket multi-tool because of its versatility, durability, and overall design. Purchase this product to increase your chances of survival while out camping.

The Verdict

The Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool is the winner when it comes to the best multi-tool. You’ll have a long-lasting device that will last for up to 9 years. Get this multi-tool to be prepared for many tasks and protect yourself in a dire situation.