Where to Find a Digital Wallet in 2020

It is necessary to buy a wallet to purchase Bitcoins, but which is the best? There are hardware, software, and cloud wallets, each having its respective advantages. There are several reasons to choose a cloud wallet. They are easier to use and do not have to be installed on a computer. Plus, they are also less expensive than software and hardware wallets. We decided to list several competing wallets so readers can decide which they think is best.


CEX.IO is an exchange that is highly secure and easy to use. They have several products, including a cold wallet. Users can see the wallet on their dashboard after they register. The exchange and wallet allow for fast transactions with crypto and fiat currency and is paired with a high liquidity order book. It also supports multiple cryptocurrencies. CEX is a certified level one DSS platform, making its wallet one of the world’s most secure storages. It is almost impossible to hack because multiple encryption layers protect all data about users, wallets, and transactions. CEX also has some of the most responsive and helpful customer services in the industry. They have a fast response time and offer global support.

Opera Crypto Wallet

The Opera wallet is an intuitive and highly secure wallet over which the user has full control. The keys and coins are stored on the user’s smartphone, and it has the Android secure lock system. The secure lock system simplifies transactions by not requiring the constant use of passwords and PIN codes. Another advantage is that Opera has software for computers that do not require extensions or a new wallet.

Monarch Digital Wallet

The Monarch is a decentralized wallet on which the user can buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies of all sorts. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens. The wallet does several things that make it a viable option for crypto holders. It tracks changes in prices and gives regular updates on news related to cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. The wallet gives users complete control over their private seeds and keys. Also, some users can earn interest with their cryptocurrency.

Cash App

Cash App is another hot wallet that has attracted a lot of attention. As of now, over 33.5 million people have downloaded it. It is popular because it is easy to set up, allowing users to buy and sell within minutes of purchasing it. The wallet also comes with a free debit card that enables users to make withdrawals from any ATM. Payments are protected by face and touch ID and passwords.


BTC.com has a wallet that allows users to store, receive, and sell their crypto. It offers a high level of security, with two-factor authentication and a backup for the keys. Users can view their entire transaction history, along with the details of those transactions. They can also easily send coins to phone contacts without requiring Bitcoin addresses. The wallet is available in over ten languages, and it supports over 25 currencies. Secondly, the wallet allows the user to create a customized profile and upload a photo. Also, users are put in a mining pool.


BRD is one of the most secure and straightforward cloud wallets on the market. The system does not use accounts or usernames, guaranteeing a high degree of anonymity. Purchasing different digital currencies is easy. The wallet supports cash, credit cards, checking accounts, and cryptocurrencies. Security is provided using the latest in encryption and Apple mobile security technology. Finally, BRD has fantastic customer service with a minimum of two hour response time and worldwide support.


Last but not least, there is uPort. This wallet uses an open identity system that gives users the ability to register on Ethereum. From there, users can secure their keys, manage financial transactions, and exchange credentials with other users. The wallet also connects users to the uPort platform, which is a highly secure and decentralized network. These features make this wallet incredibly easy to use, fast, and secure.

Pros and Cons of Online Wallets

There are several advantages and disadvantages to ordering a cloud wallet. The primary benefit of buying a cloud wallet is that they are easy to use. Every function is on the app, and the user does not have to be very tech-savvy to figure out how to use it. Another reason to use a cloud wallet is that there is nothing to lose and no software to install. Hardware wallets can be lost, and replacing them is expensive. Good hardware wallets can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Software installed on a computer does not always work and should be because of compatibility issues with the computer or due to wear and tear to the hard drive. The final advantage of buying an online wallet is that security is taken care of by the provider.


There are disadvantages to buying a cloud wallet, too. While they may be convenient, cloud wallets are very vulnerable to hackers if the provider does not implement proper and up-to-date security measures. Hardware wallets are difficult to hack because they are not always connected to the internet.

Closing Thoughts

Potential cryptocurrency traders should make a list of things they want in a wallet before purchasing. The main things to look for in a wallet provider are security, ease of use, and responsive customer service.


Written by Julia Beyers