What Are Explainer Videos, and How to Use for Your Business

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: April 28, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

An explainer video is a short animated video that is typically used by almost all businesses to tell the stories of their brands quickly and memorably.

An explainer video is a short animated video that is typically used by almost all businesses to tell the stories of their brands quickly and memorably. In 2007, such videos began gaining popularity when a certain company created one, and it explained how to use Twitter, which was a new social media platform back then.

With the straightforward language and simple graphics, that video garnered nearly ten million views, and many people understood how they could utilise Twitter, which resulted in millions of users. This ushered in the era of explainer videos. Since then, many businesses, small and big, have found that incorporating a compelling, short video has helped them expand their brand’s presence.

An explainer video works perfectly for companies like Twitter that provide services which can be very difficult to describe concisely and clearly. Nevertheless, they’re helpful for any business with a message they wish to be heard.

Tons of businesses can have a tough time expressing what they do in a way that their potential clients can quickly comprehend. When web users visit a business’s website, how often do they leave it with a unique idea of what the services the company provides are? It’s where an explainer video becomes useful. By harnessing both the auditory and visual senses together, explainer videos boost the retention rates and concisely determine their value proposition.

One’s brain is programmed to respond to narratives, especially ones that engage with the ideas that are familiar to them. By combining unfamiliar ideas with the familiar ones, the stories told through video help introduce viewers to the new concepts. Explainer videos give consumers a reason when caring about a business.

Most companies jump on board with the videos by implementing branded clips into content marketing techniques. But, not every video is made equal. The branded videos such as case studies, tutorials or internet commercials provide content to engage the viewers. Such videos may be animated, yet often aren’t.

What explainer videos accomplish is somewhat different. The explainer videos often distil complex and wide-ranging ideas into viewer-friendly packages, enabling users to understand better what companies do and why their services or products are crucial. While such approaches may be used together, an explainer video performs a critical function that branded videos don’t. They use simple stories to convey something more significant, like why the brand or business exists.

Businesses can take advantage of explainer videos, particularly those just starting in the online market and trying to build brand awareness and exposure. If you think it’s impossible to achieve success online, try using an explainer video and see the difference. Many businesses have already used this type of video for their marketing campaigns, and all of them have gained nothing but improved ROI and results.