Easy Way to Be More Productive Each Day – Journaling

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: August 26, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Writing down your successes and your failures, embrace them and pave a better path to achieving your goals.

Have you always wanted to be more productive but wondered what you are doing wrong? Have you asked at the end of a long day what you accomplished? Have you made lists of things to do and then not completed them? Journaling is for you, and for everyone else who wants to be more productive.

You may have a specific goal you want to achieve, or maybe you have a list of goals, whichever it is, journaling makes it easier to keep track of your goals and stay focused. Journaling increases your productivity by making you more aware of what you are spending your time doing.

Whenever you take some time to write a journal, you are also using that time to organise your thoughts, and hence you become more aware of the work you have finished and the things that you are yet to complete.

Journaling can essentially help you go beyond your to-do list and improve your performance. It doesn’t matter if you journal at the end of a tiring day or the beginning of a productive one, as long as you do it, it is bound to help. Some successful people write in their journals twice a day.

Whether you write in a leather-bound journal, a few pieces of paper taped together or if you prefer to use a digital version is entirely up to you, do what you think makes you most productive.

Here are five reasons you should write in a journal twice a day.

  1. Shapes your day – Writing down your plans for the day makes you arrive for work prepared.
  2. Helps keep you accountable – When you write something down, you are more likely to finish the task. Comparing your morning entry to your evening one will help you could and couldn’t accomplish that day. It will also help you realise whether you were underestimating or biting off more than you could chew.
  3. Will become a habit – Journaling will become a habit, and you can begin your day and end it with a positive note.
  4. Review – Reading your journal later is a great way to review your week, month or year.
  5. Positivity – While your journal could contain negative things as well, it becomes easier to focus on the positive when you are writing it down. Reading the positive things you had to write down will make you feel a lot better than only thinking about the bad days you had at work.

Planning for the day to come and ending a day well spent on a positive note makes journaling a great joy to indulge in. Write down your successes and your failures, embrace them and pave a better path to achieving your goals.