Da Bird Cat Toy Review

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  • Date: November 30, 2021
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Any pet owner knows that having a cat can be almost like having a child. They require a lot of love and attention, want to be fed on demand, and need stimulation and fun; otherwise, they’ll start taking out that boredom and energy on things around the house.

There are plenty of cat toys on the market, but most fall short in a few key areas. There’s a good chance you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on your cat over the years and probably don’t have any toys remaining that stood the test of time either.

Da Bird Single 3 Foot Pole Cat Toy with 2 Extra Guinea Feather Refills
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The solution to this would be like the holy grail of cat toys; something that’s high quality, long-lasting, gives them hours of genuine entertainment and will keep them from clawing at your couch or chasing people around and biting their ankles.

The only problem is, finding a toy like this can be a chore when you start looking through the thousands of options on the market.

Da Bird promises to be the answer to your prayers, and this top-selling cat toy believes it has everything you need to keep your cat and home happy. We will look further at how it stands out from the hundreds of others on the market and if the price tag is worth the value that you’ll get from it.

About The Product

Da Bird Single 3 Foot Pole Cat Toy with 2 Extra Guinea Feather Refills 3 Birds
  • Original Da Bird full length 36" rod w/Guinea Feather refill attached
  • TWO extra Guinea Feather refill attachments
  • A great way to exercise your cat and have lots of fun while your at it
  • Da Bird Mimics the Look & Sound of a Real Bird in Flight
  • Cats are so crazy about this toy that you have to hide it when not in use

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CoolCyberCats are the creators behind Da Bird, and this seemingly simple cat toy has exploded with popularity in recent years. The premise behind the toy is simple: create something that looks, feels, and sounds like a bird in flight and cats will go nuts about it. Judging by the overwhelming response, it seems they managed to do just that.

Da Bird is a pretty basic cat toy, but the key differences are its quality and the innovation that makes it ultra-appealing to cats. If you feel as though you’re constantly buying new cat toys or it takes a lot to keep your fussy cat entertained, this could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Da Bird might be a little more expensive than some toys, but those who love it will attest to its worth. When you invest in this innovative plaything for your feline friend and get the Da Bird Value Pack, you’ll benefit from features like:

  • 36? high strength single piece rod
  • 2 x Guinea feather refill attachments
  • Variety of colours and accents
  • Ability to attach other pieces, including mouse and sparkly accessories
  • Mimics sound and look for bird in flight

CoolCyberCats promises that your cat will have so much enjoyment from this one toy that they’ll want to play with it all day long. When you’re tired of the game, you’ll need to put it away; otherwise they?ll never stop chasing it. If you’ve tried countless other toys and found they bore of them eventually, Da Bird could be the one special toy you’ve always needed.

What Others Say

There’s a good reason why this is a top-rated cat toy, and many of the happy customers claim they’ve never seen their cat so excited to play with something before.

It goes beyond what most standard cat toys offer and lets your feline friend feel like they’re playing with a bird. It’s an investment that is worth the money if you’re happy to spend the time letting your cat chase it.

One negative point that a few customers had an issue with was the price. They said that as their cat ends up destroying the feathers after a few months, it gets expensive to refill. The best solution is to invest in the value pack that comes with two additional feathers, so one purchase should last the entire year, depending on your cat.

You will also need to be careful with the safety aspect when using Da Bird. Just like any other toy that uses a fishing line or thin wire, you should never leave it alone with your pet. There’s a risk they could get tangled up in the wire, and if you’re not around to supervise, it could be pretty dangerous.

Da Bird is recommended for use only when the owners are around, and this is something you’ll have to be mindful of. They claim that they won’t be able to help themselves any time a cat is around, and they’ll always want to chase it around and play with it.

Buying Advice

Da Bird Single 3 Foot Pole Cat Toy with 2 Extra Guinea Feather Refills

If you’ve been searching for the ultimate toy for your cat and want to give Da Bird a try, you can get it for the best price by shopping on Amazon. Their current price for the value pack, which includes Da Bird and two refill feathers, is around $20.

Amazon will offer free shipping when you spend over $25. Otherwise, you will pay extra, so getting two Da Bird cat toys is the best approach. You could gift one to a fellow cat owner friend or keep them as a backup because your cats will get used out of them.

As expected, there’s no warranty on this, but Da Bird stands behind the quality of their accessories. If there’s a problem with yours when it arrives, you can contact them for a refund. Otherwise, general wear and tear from a rambunctious cat probably won’t help you qualify for getting your money back.

Final Thoughts

Da Bird is a revolutionary addition to the cat toy market, and it’s one that your pet will gladly play with for hours a day. This simple design offers so much fun for them, but be sure to put it away when you’re not around to supervise.

If you feel as though you’ve tried every single toy on the market and your cat ends up tiring of them, this could be the way to go. To get Da Bird for your feline friend and make their dreams come true, click here to grab one today.