How Much Do Custom Neon Signs Cost?

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  • Date: May 26, 2022
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How much do custom neon signs cost depends on a couple of factors? The main things that affect the cost of neon signs are the complexity, size and quality of the material used for the sign. LED, flexible neon lights are another popular option.

What Is LED Flexible Neon Light?

Let’s look at what a flexible neon sign is. In other words, a light cord with the effect of a “neon” glow. A LED adjustable neon light is a bright, seamless cord that consists of a massive number of SMD diodes. The diodes are mounted on a thin and flexible board enclosed in a silicone casing. Together they provide a bright, uniform glow along the entire length of the cord. This allows you to create luminous and stunning figures of any shape and complexity.

Custom LED signs are great for installing signboards in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and outdoor lighting.

On its own, neon glows in monochrome and bright colours. During installation and operation, the materials used in a neon led sign are very elastic and do not overheat.

Neon Vs LED Signs

if you are looking for custom neon signage, it pays to look at both neon and LED neon signage too.

Here are the main differences between neon signs and LED displays.

Purchase Price

The initial cost of neon and LED lights are comparable, however, LED signs may be slightly cheaper due to more manufacturers. There are also fewer neon sign suppliers, so it may be harder to source a suitable supplier close to your business.

Power Usage

Neon signs have improved their power consumption, but they still use a higher voltage than LED signs.


LED signs are almost maintenance-free. On the other hand, neon signs require more maintenance, especially in a colder climate (like Canada).


Neon signs use higher voltages and glass tubing, so there is always the potential for breakage and will require special treatment for disposal. On the other hand, LEDs are shockproof and have very little heat emitted, making them safe to use. LED signs also do not contain harmful materials like mercury or phosphor.


Some people prefer the warmer light from a neon sign. On the other hand, LED lights are brighter and can be seen from a greater distance.


Neon signs are reliable and can operate 24 hours a day, while LED signs are a newer technology that is increasingly taking over from neon. LEDs are fitted to be controlled by a wireless modem & remote control.

Are Neon Lights Expensive?

To begin with, neon, while requiring about twice as much electrical service as LEDs, is still quite efficient (50 ft. of neon requires about 2.5 amps). It beats LEDs as far as efficiency goes because neon will last virtually forever as a lighting source. In contrast, LEDs will dim in about seven years and be practically dark in 10 years, requiring complete replacement.

How Much Is a Custom Neon Light?

The cost of neon signs depends on three things: how elaborate the design is designed, how large the sign is, and to a lesser degree, what materials are used. Today you can get a neon “Open” sign for about $250USD, while an elaborate neon design or a neon theatre marquee might go as high as USD 35,000.

Can You Change the Colour of a Neon Sign?

Neon lights don’t change colours. Neon signs give the illusion of changing colour by turning different components of the signs on or off.

Two ways of producing other light colours besides the orange-red of neon: either use a different gas or coat the tubing that holds the gas.

Neon signs use glass tubes filled with different gases (not plain air). Inside the tubes is a noble gas (a classification of gases including neon, argon, and krypton on the Periodic Table). When electrified, they release a characteristic colour of light. For example, krypton produces green colour, helium pink, and argon a blue. If the nobel gases inside are mixed, intermediate colours can be created. By tinting the tubes, even more varieties of colour can be created.

The other way to produce colours is to coat the glass with a phosphor or other chemical that will glow a particular colour when it is energized.

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