Coworking Montreal: 10 Amazing Spots to Try

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: January 7, 2020
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Working has never been so fun since the introduction of one of the most fabulous ideas, coworking. You may have for long been wondering where to find the most suitable coworking space in Montreal that fulfils your needs. Worry no more because in this article we’re going to walk you through our favourite 10 of them.

Crew Collective & Café

The Crew Collective is situated within the Old Port, and inside of the Royal Bank Tower is one of the best spots you’ll find. The serenity surrounding it, coupled with a fantastic touch of elegance makes it one of the places you’d want to visit. It’s one of the spots you have to visit and due to its makeup and design inclusive of its situation, its best suited for freelancers and other groups of people who would love to work out of the home but still be surrounded with those with whom they can share great ideas.

Crew Collective Pros:

  • It has a private space perfect for co-working
  • Members get the following in person:
  • A chef
  • Barista
  • A concierge
  • It has a peaceful working space


  • It’s restricted to members
  • Due to its restriction, it may not be pocket-friendly

La Grande Bibliothéque

Montreal’s very own, La Grande Bibliothéque offers one of the best spots for freelancers. Having a personal entrance at the Metro, the library is situated just along the bike path on Berri and above the central Metro station, Berri UQAM. What makes it best for freelancers is that they have a spot on the second floor where there’s a software room which also acts as a software library. Here, armed with your personal computer, you can get to interact with most freelancers and share ideas.


  • Its air conditioning is perfect
  • You can get your own locker
  • The library offers free Wi-Fi
  • The library provides free cards to those living in Montreal


  • The library doesn’t offer a private space for those who may prefer such
  • There’s no designated spot for making or receiving phone calls


From its name, Breather offers a chill spot where you can relax on a couch, access Wi-Fi and work from the peace and quiet that comes with it. Breather is a beautiful spot in Downtown Montreal where you can work without having to worry about being bothered by any disturbance, and this makes it best for small groups to share ideas.


  • Its organisation is the state of the art
  • The simplicity and comfort are breathtaking
  • It has a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection


  • It is best for loners and those with small space preferences

Notman House

Notman House is the modern-day quality manufacturer in terms of service delivery. They offer the best offices and coworking spaces at set prices which range from $8 per hour to $4 per day. Their offices and working spaces look exquisite and are free from noise pollution.


  • It has spacious offices and rooms
  • It has state of the art furnishings
  • There’s a Wi-Fi access
  • Meeting rooms and kitchens are provided
  • It has good renting packages


  • It has no receptionists
  • No printers are provided
  • The rates may be high for freelancers who are just interested in a peaceful space
  • It’s not suitable for people on the go

La Gare

Just like Notman House, La Gare is one of the high-end coworking spaces in Montreal. However, the distinction comes in their service packages. La Gare is slightly cheaper compared to Notman considering that you can get more services which lack in the former, like training sessions, receptionists and even changing rooms with their lockers.


  • The rates are affordable
  • It has Wi-Fi access
  • It has special rates for groups
  • It comes with extra services which include but are not limited to:
  • Receptionist
  • Kitchen, although it’s shared
  • Changing room with lockers
  • Mail reception
  • Private phone booths


  • Just like Notman, it may not be suitable for individuals on the go
  • Their rates may be high for simple freelancers



Perhaps this is one of the most reasonable places when it comes to making subscriptions for lease. Dedicated to social entrepreneurship, Esplanade offers a free trial. Although thirty minutes may not seem much to some, the fact that it’s high-end and free for that period begs the question of ‘how long till you try it.’ It also comes with part-time and full-time subscriptions which are to be taken on preference and upon consideration of the rates.


  • It offers a thirty minutes free trial
  • The following are provided for:
  • WiFi
  • Access to the lounge
  • A kitchen
  • One of its extra services would be the private phone booth


  • This is a dedicated spot for social entrepreneurs

Espace360 / Fabrik

From its name, Espace360 (now Fabrik) was started to provide tech companies with a co-working space, so that like minds could relate and share their thoughts where need be. However, over time this co-working space has given an allowance to any other company to try out their fantastic space.


  • It’s conveniently small enough to host the average number of coworkers
  • It operates on a 24/7 basis
  • It’s affordable with prices hitting as low as $125 per month


  • The minimum lease is four months, and this may be inconvenient for some individuals

La Commune

Among the most sociable yet affordable co-working spots in Montreal, stands La Commune. Located in the Old Port, this space offers the best experience for individuals interested in connecting with other coworkers. Some duties, like cleaning and cooking, are shared, and celebrations held every once in a while.


  • It’s affordable, with a tag of $250 per month
  • It’s the best place to connect with other coworkers


  • It has one meeting room, and this may cause inconveniences
  • The meeting room is not entirely closed off, therefore affecting privacy

Lori Hub

Lori Hub wouldn’t miss in this list, for being one of the most unique and exciting co-working spaces in town. Located at St. Henri, its sole purpose is to see to the uplifting of the standards of women entrepreneurs. Men are allowed in with the condition that they’re in business with at least a woman entrepreneur.


  • It’s affordable with rates as low as $230 per month
  • It helps uplifts the standards of women entrepreneurs


  • It’s relatively small


These should give you an idea of where to start in finding a suitable co-working space in Montreal that fulfils your needs.