Corporate Gifts Ideas for Events – 5 Unique Giveaways

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: June 4, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Organizing events are necessary for various reasons. It lets you promote your brand or even upcoming services to the masses. However, no event is completed without gifts. Choosing gifts to give at a corporate event is indeed tricky.

You host clients and want to keep everything flawless and on point. In this case, can become your go-to place to look for unique gift ideas. When you invest time and thoughts in choosing products and wrap them with care, your brand will ultimately stand out among the competitors.

Your event will go successful, but you will be known as a professional in your industry. This blog features five fantastic giveaways that may help you in the next event.


Why don’t you consider hoodies a giveaway when you talk about unique gift items? Hoodies are functional and look trendy too. When you incorporate hoodies into your corporate gifts, it will add a personal touch.

To make the most of this idea, you can imprint your name or brand logo on each hoody’s back. This idea is likely to work for you if you have a clothing brand.

Moreover, hoodies are one of the gift items that complement winter. Therefore, do not hesitate and opt for hoodies, especially if your event will happen in a cold month.

Tote Bags

If you are looking for something functional and durable, tote bags can become a safe bet. Take note that these bags do not only look trendy. They come in handy when event attendees require to carry other giveaways.

Apart from this, a high-quality tote bag can also become a part of their daily lives. Your client can use it to do grocery shopping or keep different items in it at home. To be more precise, the benefits of a tote bag are endless.

Nowadays, you can find several environmentally friendly bags as well. You can opt for this variety to avoid plastic bags and reduce plastic waste.

Travel Alarm Clock

In most cases, international guests are also invited to the events, making these events two times more special. So, it is common to look for gifts that match the occasion and attendees.

You can consider a travel alarm clock to keep your corporate on point. These clocks come with 18 cities worldwide, a temperature reader, and a torch calendar. Travel alarm clocks are easy to carry. And you can also gift them as one of the items in the goodie bag.

Smartphone Case

Who doesn’t want to protect their smartphone? Everyone checks their phone before even beginning their day and still looks at it before bed. So, it is safe to say that nowadays, living without a cell phone sounds unusual.

Hence, you can giveaway smartphone cases at your corporate event. These cases do not have to be regular, but you can opt for a waterproof variety to ensure 100% protection.

Waterproof smartphone cases also come in different colours, designs, and patterns. These options will let you be creative with the style to impress the guests as well.


Fun yet functional, mugs can be your ultimate choice. Customized mugs wrapped in colourful paper are a great way to entertain your guests.

You can choose plain mugs or colourful ones depending on the event’s theme. Mugs are also available in different shapes and sizes, so you have an option to select some cute mugs for the event.

Bottom Line

If you keep gifts according to the theme of your event, it will be easier to plan everything. Options like mugs or tote bags made out of recycled materials are not only functional gift items but are also durable. There is no question that Items like these look trendy and can make your event successful.