Cooling Seat Cushions Guide

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: September 8, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

When we’re sitting down, we’re meant to be at our most comfortable. Whether you’re at work on an office chair, driving in your car, or relaxing on the couch watching TV or reading a book, we want to make sure our backsides are feeling happy.

One of the biggest preventers of comfort is a hot seat, and this commonly happens when we’re sitting for long periods or getting into a car that’s been out in the sun. Therefore, the cooling seat cushion was invented, and it’s a way to make you cool in all types of conditions and provide plenty of other benefits.

We’re here to check out how cooling car seat cushions work and what makes them such a great addition to your seat. Some could benefit more than others from a self-cooling seat cushion, so this one simple product has the potential to change your life for the better.

What Is A Cooling Seat Cushion?

A cooling seat cushion is one that’s placed on top of a regular seat, like in your car or on an office chair, which features some mechanism or technology that reduces the heat between your body and whatever you’re sitting in.

It can do this with a special gel insert that cools it down or by improving the circulation and airflow that usually gets trapped underneath us as we’re sitting, and there are many different styles.

Cooling car seat cushions are beneficial as this is one area that traps a lot of heat. Not only are they able to protect your backside and body from overheating, but they can be helpful for the car?s upholstery as well, especially when materials like leather and suede are used.

Cooling seat cushions come in many different styles and each with its own benefits. To get the right one, you’ll need to think about where and when you’re using it and whether you require other features, as many come with pressure-relieving pads or machine washable covers. Some are better suited to the office, home, your vehicle, or travel, so getting the right one will ensure it fits your lifestyle.

How Do They Work?

There are two main styles of technology used in these cooling cushions. Each makes it more comfortable to sit and reduces the temperature of your seat. Consider both of these types before you decide on the right one:

  • Gel cushion: A cooling gel seat cushion uses a special type of gel insert in the cushion. This gel has been designed to remain cool and when placed in between the breathable cover, usually made from something like mesh, it?s able to cool down your body and also the seat you?re using
  • Foam cushion: These are made with breathable microfiber and other mesh materials that put a layer between your body and the seat. As air is able to transfer freely between you and the seat, the cushion actually absorbs it and makes for a more comfortable experience. This also reduces the rate of perspiration which can lead to the seat feeling sweaty and hot

Who Could Use Them?

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t sit down for at least part of their day. You might have a long commute to work on a train or in your car or work in an office. Therefore, many people could benefit from using a cooling cushion each day:

  • Transport drivers: People who drive trucks, buses or other forms of transport and spend long hours seated in their vehicles could definitely get some use out of a cooling cushion
  • Office workers: Sitting in an office chair for eight hours a day can cause a lot of discomforts but the simple addition of one of these cushions can change that
  • Elderly: When retired and spending a lot of time resting at home reading, knitting or watching TV, having a cooling cushion can provide great relief
  • Injured/recovering patients: Patients who are bed or couch-bound or who can?t put a lot of pressure on their backside would love a cooling cushion, as would those with risk of pressure sores
  • Car owners: Getting into a hot car and sitting down can hurt, and it can also damage your upholstery

What Other Features Do They Have?

Buying a seat cushion usually means you’re looking to add more comfort to your everyday life. Therefore, choosing features that will assist with this and not just cool down your seat is essential with this accessory. Here are some other things these cushions feature to make them even more appealing.

  • Ergonomic design: Shaped to suit your body and give you an ergonomically correct posture, which is especially helpful for long work hours
  • Pressure reducing: Thicker cushions or those filled with gel can take the pressure from your body and make it comfortable to sit for long hours
  • Easy cleaning: Removable covers and machine washable materials make the cushions easier to look after
  • Various sizes: All shapes and sizes of cushions to suit your body type and the style of chair you?ll be sitting in
  • Materials: Materials can be lightweight and breathable, have a nonslip surface to keep you in place, or something thicker to maintain warmness when the temperature gets cooler

A Convenient And Comfortable Accessory

Choosing the right cooling cushion is important to your comfort, so think about the settings you’ll be using it in to help push you in the right direction. You don’t have to spend much to get a quality cushion, but the difference that it makes will be phenomenal.

Now and then, a simple product like this comes along that makes life more enjoyable. Adding a cooling cushion to your work seat or car could transform your everyday life and mean that work, driving, travel or relaxing is no longer hot and uncomfortable but something you truly look forward to.