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  • Date: November 27, 2019
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Concierge Real Estate Services is based in Burnaby, British Columbia. They provide a comprehensive, free online video course that teaches BC home buyers about the process of home buying, from how to select their service providers, what to look out for, plus many other tips when buying a home.

Through providing you the essential education, support, and if needed, introductions to dependable real estate professionals they help Buyers to fully understand the home buying process: Knowledge that will reduce your stress, help you make better home buying and financing decisions plus build your home buying confidence.

Finding comprehensive, independent, unbiased information available for home buyers to educate themselves about the home buying process is difficult, so Concierge Real Estate Services is offering HomeBuying Savvy to meet this need.

Through the HomeBuying Savvy class, you’ll have help to level the home buying playing field. Concierge Real Estate Services are real estate experts who are committed to enlightening fellow Canadians about the home buying process.

You already know about Buyer Beware. However, it’s vital that you know what to be aware of. Through HomeBuying Savvy you will learn how to select a quality REALTOR® and mortgage broker who will fight to get you the very best deal. You will learn what to expect from property inspectors and contractors who may be involved. You will learn the questions you must ask and the answers you should hear; the choices within the home buying process you may not be familiar with. It is these and other factors that will determine how much money you spend or save and how nice a home you can afford. It’s all about increasing your real estate savvy. After just a couple of hours of learning, you will be far better prepared to make some of the most significant decisions of your life, and not be among the 45% who wished they had done things differently.

Finally, if you register for the course, they also offer a service where they act as a concierge and select a realtor and/or mortgage broker for BC home buyers from Concierge Real Estate Services’ network of trusted professionals that they have worked with in the past. This is a completely free service for home buyers to use.

With over 13,000 realtors in Greater Vancouver, how do you select the right professional for the job? With Concierge Real Estate Services’ contacts, they can provide you with a list of professionals who are local experts in the areas that home buyers are looking, and will provide top notch service based on past experiences.

Concierge Real Estate Services is a real estate company like no other. They do not list properties for sale, nor do they represent Buyers looking to buy and we do not manage any type of property. In fact, other than their Managing Broker, they have no REALTORS® on staff. Rather, they strive to be your first point of contact when you embark on your house hunting quest.

You can find a lot more information on their website at:

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