13 Smart Hacks to Clean your Home Faster

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: February 1, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Everyone loves to have a clean house. But we have to admit that cleaning is quite the hassle. Keeping the house clean at all times may seem like a losing battle, especially with all the surfaces to clean.

And all the different kinds of messes they accumulate. You can surmount the cleaning mountain easily and quickly with a few hacks up your sleeve. Here are some hacks that will make cleaning your home a fast and stress-free experience:

Put all your cleaning supplies in one place

Get either a bucket, caddy or tote to gather all your cleaning supplies in one place. It will be much easier to do the cleaning when everything you need for the job is within your reach. You will save a lot of time that would have otherwise disappeared into finding cleaning tools.

Organize the clutter

A simple hack that makes cleaning so much quicker is first clearing the clutter. Go to every room and pick up any clutter lying around. Remove magazines, empty bottles, or any clothes lying around. It helps to have homes for everything in your house. Storage solutions make the decluttering process smoother. Get containers, boxes and baskets to organize the clutter. Throw away what needs to be disposed of or donate the things in good condition that you no longer have use for anymore. Clearing the clutter fastens the cleaning process significantly.

Invest in the right tools

Using the right cleaning tools will speed up your cleaning time. Invest in a  durable vacuum. Use high-quality detergents and effective microfiber cloths. The right tools will do the job much faster than makeshift ones. They may cost a pretty penny in the onset, but the return on investment will be well worth it.

Use lemons to detox the garbage disposal

The garbage disposal can get dirty and could sometimes clog. A quick way to clean the garbage disposal is using fresh lime or lemons. All you need to do is cut the fruits into quarters and as the water runs, put the pieces into the disposal one by one. This hack also does wonders with ridding your kitchen of stinky odours from the garbage disposal. The unbearable smells will give way to a vibrant fresh lemon scent. Also, to counter kitchen smell, get a cotton ball, soak it in essential oil, and put it in the trash can. The quick fix will keep your trash from being too musty.

Add some vinegar to the dishwasher

In most places with hard water, it can be frustrating having to deal with dishes coming out of the dishwasher with stains and having to clean them again and wipe them down to remove the stains. A quick hack for this is to have a bowl of vinegar in the dishwasher before running it. Place it right side up. The vinegar will deal with the hard water, and your dishes will come out looking spotless.

Use baking soda to remove coffee stains

You do not have to waste time trying to clean out stubborn coffee stains from your mugs. Sprinkle some baking soda to the bottom of the coffee-stained cups, then add a bit of water to form a paste. Then scrub. The gentle abrasion from the baking soda will remove the stain in no time.

Put the toys in the dishwasher

Wiping down and scrubbing toys one by one takes forever. Save time by spraying the toys with antibacterial soap then putting them in the dishwasher for a complete cycle. If the toys are too small, like the LEGO ones, gather them in a wash bag to keep them together as they wash.

Clean up carpet stains with vodka or rubbing alcohol

If the carpet has some stains, rubbing alcohol is a simple hack to get rid of them. Blot the mess, then spray some alcohol. The hack will do wonders for tiny stains on your rugs. However, if the carpet is too filthy and you can’t be bothered to clean it, professional carpet cleaning services can help make it easier for you. Not only will it take away the cleaning task off your hand, but the professionals will most likely do a better job removing the stains and pesky odours better than you would.

Use lemon on your cutting board

Do onions and raw vegetable smells on your cutting board rile you up? Guess what? You do not have to spend hours scrubbing the board to remove the annoying stench and stains. A simple hack is to put some salt on the chopping board then use the cut side of half a lemon to scrub it. Then rinse the board, and it will be fresh and ready to use again.

Microwave grime

Clean your microwave quickly and simply by heating a cup of water, vinegar and lemon slices. Have the cup with the mixture in the microwave for five minutes. The steam will soften any grime, making it easy to wipe away stubborn marks without much effort.

Clean the blender

After using the blender, you need to clean it. A quick way to clean your blender is by putting some warm water into the blender, adding a bit of baking soda and cleaning soap. Then, blend the mix for a while. Finally, rinse the blender with water. Voila! You have a blender that is as clean as new.

Use an old toothbrush in the kitchen

Make use of your old electric toothbrush to scrub the grout of your tiled backsplash. Mix baking soda and some water, apply that to the toothbrush and start cleaning.

Use vodka for the sofas

If you have leather sofas, you do not have to worry about spending hours rubbing leather cream cleaners on them. You can use vodka to wipe down the couches and slash your cleaning time by a considerable amount. And the best thing is that if you have a stash in the alcohol cabinet, you do not need to buy anything.

Final Remarks

Cleaning your house does not have to be a time-consuming endeavour that eats up all your time. Learning a few hacks here and there will make the process smoother. And will reduce the amount of time your spend cleaning your house.

Photo by Anton on Unsplash