Best Keyboard for Programming: Four Choices

What is one of the essential tools for a programmer? Coffee? While coffee is something that most programmers love, we are talking about a different essential tool that programmers need every day, a keyboard that is of good quality. Here are some suggestions for the best keyboard for programming with.

Programing or coding necessarily includes a lot of typing, which is the primary reason a comfortable keyboard is essential. There are different types of keyboards available now, and each of them is designed with a focus on specific features that suit individual needs.

The first thing you need to decide before buying a new keyboard one is its size and the type of work you are going to doing on it.

One factor determining the size of a keyboard is the presence of duplicate keys, such as a separate numeric keyboard or two each of Shift, ALT and CTL for convenience. These keys could be useful for programmers.

A keyboard with a few keys is called a keypad. Similarly, the spacing between the keys also determines the size of the keyboard.

Here are some suggestions for the best keyboard for programming on:

Das Keyboard 4 for Programmers

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard - Soft Tactile

Das Keyboard is a series of computer keyboards sold by Metadot Corporation, a software company located in Austin, Texas. Some models feature blank keycaps, supposedly to help improve touch typing skills and eliminate the need to rearrange keys for alternative keyboard layouts.

It is often touted as the best keyboard ever and has features that make it suitable for programming and coding purposes.  Experts have said it is the best premium mechanical keyboard and is also known as the “hackers’ choice”, certainly making it one of the best keyboard for programming on.

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Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard

ROSEWILL Gaming Keyboard, RGB LED Backlit Wired Membrane Mechanical Feel Keyboard with Removable Keycaps and Wrist Rest

This is another excellent mechanical keyboard that will work well for programmers. It is built for long time use and for people who spend a lot of time on their keyboards. It can work as an excellent gaming keyboard, apart from being great for programming.

Rosewill was founded in 2004, originally started manufacturing computer cases, power supplies and of course keyboards., today the City of Industry, California company makes a wide range of PC equipment for the gaming, IT hardware and home PC products.

Vortex Poker III

Vortexgear Race 3 - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Grey - PBT DSA Profile Dye Sub - Grey CNC Aluminium Casing (Cherry Mx-Brown)

Vortex has been quite a popular brand for mechanical keyboards. A Taiwanese company founded in 2010, Vortexgear has enjoyed a lot of success with its original Poker and Poker 2 keyboards. The Poker 3 (or POK3R) is no less and is an improved version.  Its RGB version also comes with an RGB LED backlight that makes it an impressive looking gadget.

CoolerMaster MasterKeys Pro S

Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Cherry MX Red, RGB LED, Full Size (Large)

The CoolerMaster MasterKeys Pro S is an excellent option for programmers who don’t want to shell out big bucks or if you need a second keyboard. It comes with RGB backlighting that can be customised to a specific colour or turned off if you wish so.

Cooler Master is a Taiwanese company founded in 1992. Today they make a diverse range of products, everything from power supplies, to cooling pads for laptops, to gaming chairs – yes, it would be possible to build an entire computer set-up from just Cooler Master products.


Hopefully, this shortlist of keyboards has given you some ideas. Most of these are mechanical keyboards, and you can read about why they’re preferred here.

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