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How to Choose the Best Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is an essential item in every man’s grooming routine, just as shaving is an integral part of getting ready for a professional environment.

Using a good shaving cream can make a big difference in the shaving process and help you feel a lot better after your shave. Investing in a good quality shaving cream can help you in the long run and keep your skin moisturised while you shave.

Shaving creams or foams are not full of harmful chemicals anymore; there are many great brands available that use natural ingredients and organic substitutes. Finding a great shaving cream with the best ingredients can make your shaving experience a good one.

Choosing a good shaving cream need not take a long duration, you can be in and out of the store quickly if you know what to look for. The best modern shaving creams don’t contain harsh chemicals and instead use safe and organic ingredients which are better for your facial hair and skin.

If you have gotten rashes or been allergic to a shaving cream before then, it won’t be a surprise to anyone if you stay miles away from shaving cream. Still, thankfully there are hypoallergenic shaving creams available today that can be great for anyone with sensitive skin. Choosing a shaving cream or foam with all-natural ingredients and essential oil providing its fragrance can be your best bet.

What to avoid when choosing a shaving cream or foam?

Avoid shaving creams that contain Parabens since they can cause allergies and are not suitable for the skin. As a rule, both men and women should try to avoid using any cosmetics that contain parabens. Fragrances are essential to try to stay away from products that have a robust synthetic fragrance and instead choose one that has a mild natural scent. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is another ingredient in many cosmetics that are best avoided.

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What should you look for when choosing a shaving cream or foam?

The shaving cream should be thick and sticky, a ‘lotion’-like cream is less effective and won’t provide protection against razor cuts. Similarly, the product should create a thick lather so you can glide your razor across the skin to remove both the lather and the facial hair underneath at the same time, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. Sometimes the water at your house can be the reason your shaving cream is not lathering up well; choosing one that has excellent lather is the best option.

Price is also an important factor when you choose a shaving cream since it is a product you will have to replace regularly. But don’t be a cheapskate and buy the lowest priced shaving cream at the dollar store.  Choosing a higher-end product if you aren’t someone who shaves regularly could be a good incentive when you do shave.

If you have oily skin, don’t assume that you don’t need moisture so any random shaving cream should do the trick. People with oily skin are more likely to get clogged pores when shaving. Use shaving creams that contain aloe Vera or coconut oil.

Should I use a shaving cream brush?

Using a brush is the best way to apply your shaving cream. The lather is better when the cream is applied with a brush and can provide full and even coverage of the cream. But remember that even if you have to go a few days without your shaving cream brush, your shave is going to turn out fine.

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If you have a shaving cream in your kit that is not working out well for you and is irritating your skin, then get rid of it right away and invest in a good all-natural shaving cream that can do wonders for your overall appearance.

Here are some of the popular shaving creams available to give you a flawless shave and keep your skin smooth and fresh.

Top 5 shaving creams available in stores and online

  1. The Art Of Shaving Lavender Shaving Cream has a mild lavender scent and is great for a smooth finish since it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.
  2. Another excellent shaving cream, which is also hypoallergenic, is L’Occitane Cade Shaving Cream With Shea Butter And Essential Oils.
  3. Taylor Of Old Bond Street Natural Shaving Cream Bowl is excellent for people with sensitive skin.
  4. Castle Forbes Lime Oil Shaving Cream has a natural lime fragrance and is excellent for people who want to shave thick facial hair.
  5. Barberry Coast Shave Co Bay Rum Shaving Cream For Men is also natural and has solid reviews online.

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