Cell Phone Repair Courses in Toronto

Are you looking for some kind of skill to learn while on lockdown? Cell phone repair is something with a future as more of us are putting off replacing our phones and looking for ways to extend their lifetime. There are several cell phone repair courses available, both in-class and online, as well as books.

Schools in Toronto and Canada

If you’re looking for a cell phone repair course in Toronto, there are several choices, including Kmaster Electronics College, and WirelessTrainingCenter.com. These two also offer classes across Canada.

As well as in-class, you can also find some schools that offer online courses, as well as training at sites like Udemy.com

Books on Cell Phone Repairs

There are some books as well, two of the ones are mentioned a lot include  The Unauthorized Guide and Quick and Easy are written with beginners in mind, while How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic is more for the experienced reader.

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Other Resources


There are several websites that focus on cell phone repairs. Here are some of the better know ones.

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Several forums are offer tips as doing repairs to the various phone makes as well as keeping up to date on the technology. Here are some of the better-known ones.


Even if you only use the skills here to learn more about your own iPhone or Android and make some necessary repairs, you will undoubtedly learn more about them and possibly save yourself some money too. But getting started in phone repair as a career is certainly one that will in demand for the foreseeable future.

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