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Aug 17

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Long Haul Flight More Enjoyable

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While travelling to exotic, distant lands is everyone’s dream, the long haul flight to reach there is not always something most travelers look forward to. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure here are our top ten ways to make your long distance flight a lot less stressful.

Aug 13

Uber Introduces a ‘Tipping’ Feature in Canada

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Uber users can now tip their drivers. The cab hailing company now has a feature on its app through which users can tip their drivers and remains completely optional. The feature does it not replace any of Uber’s already existing options such as the star rating system or the driver compliment feature, according to the company.

Dec 26

What the Gig Economy Means for Small Businesses

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Recently a report in the Globe and Mail highlighted the term ‘gig economy’. The report, which focused on independent entrepreneurs, said that new businesses are now using different models which range from operating out of their own websites to using platforms that facilitate these independent ‘gigs’.