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Canadian fashion

Why Aren’t More Canadian Fashion Brands Going Global?

Canada has many talented fashion designers, yet not many of them have tasted international success.

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Rider hailing Uber car

Uber in Canada Faces the Heat From Cities, Taxi Drivers

Since There Aren’t Any Nationwide Established Standards Regulating the Taxi Industry, Uber Has Been Struggling to Cut Deals With Each Municipality.

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Social Media

Busting Fake News Could Be the Next Big Internet Boom

Fake-news patrolling may be next big Internet boom, HootSuite founder Ryan Holmes said in an article on Financial Post.

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Avoid jetlag

Four Easy Ways to Beat Jet Lag

Are you a frequent traveler? They you have probably battled jet lag at some point in your life. Here’s a list of four proven ways to beat jet lag and have a healthy and productive business trip.

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WordPress for Business Web Development in Toronto

When the time comes to build a website for your business, your web designer will probably mention building the website on WordPress. Here’s why.

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How Live on Site Embroidery Is a Great Addition to Your Event

Are you hosting an event or social gathering and need to find staff for an engagement? Are you finding it hard to find interesting forms of entertainment for your guests? In this article, we’ll be going over how live on-site embroidery sessions can help liven up any social event. We provide an interesting and entertaining […]

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Custom Built Homes By Georgian Custom Renovations

If you have ever dreamed of a house with everything “just so,” this is possible with a custom built homes by Georgian Custom Renovations.

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Quebec’s Economy Sees Good Times, Records Increase in Employment Rates

Quebec has recorded an increase in July employment, the only one among the big four provinces to record an increase signifying that its economy is actually doing very well despite the fall of Bombardier and SNC.

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tax seasion

CRA’s Tax Evasion Tip-Off Hotline Received 32000 Tips Last Year

The Canada Revenue Agency’s snitch line has received a vast number of tips about suspected tax cheating and tax fraud cases this year. According to a report in CBC, the CRA received around 32,157 leads regarding suspected domestic tax cases in the 2017-2018 financial year.  The CRA receives a similar number of tips every year according […]

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Transforming a Restaurant into a Trending Instagram Destination

Top ways to transform a restaurant into a trending Instagram destination. Instagram has become the go-to place for millennials and teens to decide where they are going to be spending their evening or even their weekend.

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