Westjet Scraps Free Meals on Trans-Atlantic Flights

WestJet says it is a low cost carrier and its passengers don’t expect to have free meals if it means added costs.

Become an Affiliate with Frisky Deals

Whatever your reason for wanting a bit more cash, you can make it easily by working with Frisky Deals.

Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal of UPS Class Action Suite

Last year, an Ontario Judge found that UPS Canada had violated the Ontario Consumer Protection Act.

cows in a field

Farmland Prices Rise 10% on Strong Crop Income

Average prices of farmland across Canada rose 10 percent last year as low interest rates and strong income from crops helped retain demand.

Anti Poverty Groups Lobby for Cheaper Internet in Canada

National anti-poverty group ACORN recently said internet was not a luxury anymore and was a “Human right”.

A Bad Week for Canadian Netflix Subscribers

VPN services successfully blocked, means access to much less U.S. content than before. And price hikes are on the way too.

Bank of Montreal Launches “Robo-Adviser” Services

The Bank of Montreal became the first of the big five Canadian banks to launch the “robo-adviser”, an online portfolio manager.

How Independent Are Bell Media’s Newsrooms?

CTV News President Wendy Freeman was questioned about the editorial independence of Bell Media’s newsrooms.

New Skinny Basic TV Packages May Be Less Than You Expected

The new CRTC-mandated Skinny Basic TV Packages may be less than customers expected.

Canada lifts economic sanctions against Iran

Canada lifts economic sanctions against Iran