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Real Estate Boom Leads to Boost in Printing Industry

The real estate boom in Vancouver has led to a boost in the printing industry which was not experiencing any real surge in customers otherwise.

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Snowbirds acrobatics team

Canadians in Florida: 5 Tax Season Tips for Snowbirds

There are thousands retired Canadians in Florida looking to escape the tough Canadian winters, but it’s Uncle Sam’s taxes they need to beware of.

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Target Canada storfront

4 Reason Why Target Canada Failed

Target Canada Lasted All of Two Years, Why Did They Go Broke so Quickly?

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lapel pin

Where to Make Lapel Pins?

A lapel pin, sometimes known as an enamel pin, is a small decoration worn on clothing, sometimes on the lapel of a jacket (hence the name), or attached to a bag, or displayed on a piece of fabric. They have become quite popular lately because of the uniqueness of the designs. Getting your design made […]

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hops used in beer

Craft Beers Boost Hop Farming Profits

Hop Farming Becomes Lucrative Again as Craft Beers Gain Popularity

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US Boarder crossing

Could Past Recreational Marijuana Use Get You Banned From US?

Canada has seen American youngsters come across the border to party and drink legally since the drinking age is lower. The country is now expecting tourists to enjoy the legally available recreational weed, but it looks like federal officers may bust the party.

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Pure AV Audio Visual Production for Events in Toronto

Pure AV is a complete event services provider that has been working with clients and events all over the world for over 12 years. Creativity, service, closeness, and focus on their clients’ needs are hallmarks of their service.

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Audio Visual Needs for Conference

Putting on a conference is a large undertaking, and there’s a lot of things to keep in mind from organizing timetables, speakers, guest lists, maybe food and dozens of other things. It pays to outsource some of those things to experts, so you can concentrate on the things that will make your conference memorable – […]

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marijuana plants

Is the Canadian Marijuana Bubble Ready to Burst?

Canadian marijuana companies are now like the internet companies of the dot com era, the industry itself is seeing a boom and investors are rushing to put their money into the listed companies in the marijuana industry. But is it going to be a repeat of the dot com bubble?

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preparing taxes

10 Expenses You Can Claim Medical Tax Credit for in Canada

There are many medical services, therapies and devices that can qualify for the medical tax credit and are permitted medical expenses under Canadian tax laws.

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