ESports Growing, but Market Size Difficult to Measure

In Deloitte’s Annual Technology Forecast for 2016, they estimated that globally eSports where going to be a $500 Million (USD) business, up by 25% from only thr

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The National Business Book Award at 35

2020 is the 35th year anniversary of the National Business Book Award. Since 1985, the NBBA has been recognizing the best of Canadian books on Canadian business.

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Uber in Canada Faces the Heat From Cities, Taxi Drivers

Since There Aren’t Any Nationwide Established Standards Regulating the Taxi Industry, Uber Has Been Struggling to Cut Deals With Each Municipality.


Quebec’s Economy Sees Good Times, Records Increase in Employment Rates

Quebec has recorded an increase in July employment, the only one among the big four provinces to record an increase signifying that its economy is actually doing very well despite the fall of Bombardier and SNC.

tax seasion

CRA’s Tax Evasion Tip-Off Hotline Received 32000 Tips Last Year

The Canada Revenue Agency’s snitch line has received a vast number of tips about suspected tax cheating and tax fraud cases this year. According to a report in CBC, the CRA received around 32,157 leads regarding suspected domestic tax cases in the 2017-2018 financial year.  The CRA receives a similar number of tips every year according…

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Baby Boomers Profit From Vancouver Housing Market

While housing prices in Vancouver have been steadily rising, older residents of the city are now selling their houses to receive windfalls.

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Why Custom Home Renovations

Home renovations are for people who are committed to staying in their current home but are finding there are aspects that need to change.

A National Intellectual Property Strategy for Canada?

Most critics allege that the TPP agreement could harm Canadian companies.

Pepsi advert with Kendall Jenner

Should Political News Be Used for Brand Campaigns?

Political statements by renowned brands are something that has always existed, but it has always been subtle messages of empowerment or inspiring messages that have caught the attention of the public.

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Chiron – Wise Centaur Holistic healing arts

Chiron – Wise Centaur is a holistic and integrative healing centre. They bring balance to your body, mind, and soul to function appropriately and synchronized.