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preparing taxes

What to Know Before Seeking out Venture Capital

Top things an entrepreneur should know before seeking out venture capital. If your company is ready to move to the next level and consider reaching out to venture capitalists, this article is just for you.

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board games

The Benefits of Playing Board Games for Adults

Board games are not just for kids; there are several benefits of adults playing board games, from keeping mentally alert and refreshed to social time.

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drone flying past building

Tips for Drone Real Estate Photography

Drones are one of the best ways to capture truly appealing images from a variety of unique perspectives.

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King St East, Toronto

Condo Market in Toronto is Waking Up, and the Data Proves That

The condo market is waking up, and that’s quite evident. It’s something that comes not just from real estate companies such as CondoMapper that managed to stay on top of their game during the worst days of the pandemics. Our insights are further supported by data from the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board.

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Toronto Cell Phone Deals Found Online

As cell phone plans in many Canadian provinces remain pricey, consumers looking for Toronto cell phone deals are looking online.

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RV Vacation Spots

Breaking Down Four of the Top RV Vacation Spots in Canada

It’s no secret that Canada is one of the world’s go-to travel destinations for those who love nature. While the nation’s cities are undoubtedly stunning, getting up close and personal with nature should be a top priority for anyone who wants to make the most of their Canadian vacation. As such, seeing Canada via RV […]

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Two Awards For Fadi Awad in Eastern Europe and His Tribute To Michael Jackson!

It’s good to see The Multi-Awards Winner Artist Fadi Awad participating in some important Contests and Festivals in Eastern Europe as he’s a one-love international artist who also loves that side of the world and likes to participate in some of its big international events…

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Vancouver skyline

One in Every 10 Vancouver Condos Remain Empty

A recent study by Ecotagious shows that Vancouver condominiums have a 12.5% non-occupancy rate.

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Target Canada storfront

Why Target Canada made it difficult for US brands to foray into Canadian cities

Why Target Canada made it difficult for US brands to foray into Canadian cities.

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cryptocurrency coins and Swiss gold ounce

A Beginner? Trading Cryptocurrency, These Measures Can Help

Bitcoin and Altcoins trading resembles a seething waterway. It is a relentless, quickly evolving process, as a rule, joined by huge significant occasions.

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