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Nov 08

Why Business Travelers Are Choosing to Plan Their Own Trips

Travel , Work Life

Travelling for Business isn’t always easy. Dealing with various work related emergencies, learning about new cultures and compiling the expense reports once the trip is complete are all just a small part of it. Business travelers have often used agents or specific personnel in their companies to plan their travel for them and book tickets and arrange accommodation; however in the recent past more business travelers prefer to plan their own trips.

Nov 04

Breaking Down Four of the Top RV Vacation Spots in Canada


It’s no secret that Canada is one of the world’s go-to travel destinations for those who love nature.

While the nation’s cities are certainly stunning, getting up close and personal with nature should be a top priority for anyone who really wants to make the most of their Canadian vacation. As such, seeing Canada via RV is perhaps the absolute best way to see what the country has to offer firsthand.

Aug 01

Book Cheaper Flights This Summer Thanks to Lower Airline Fuel Costs


Airline fuel costs are at a 12 year low after the crude oil sector crash, making it a good time for travelers to pack their bags and plan their adventures. Many airlines have reduced ticket fares and are seeing an increase in passengers in all sectors of air travel. U.S. air carriers have seen unprecedented growth and global air passenger data shows that growth rates remain high.

Apr 22

What Should Canadians Travelling to the U.S. Know?


Ever since the last American election, travellers from around the world have shared stories of their experiences at American entry points and raised questions and doubts. So what should a Canadian passport holder know before heading to the U.S?

Dec 18

Toronto’s Pearson Airport a Mega Hub?


Air Canada and the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) are looking to break the stereotypes that shroud Canadian airports and turn Toronto’s Pearson International Airport into a major hub that would stand on par with Singapore’s Changi airport or Dubai’s famous international airport which receives praises from even weary travelers.

May 30

What Is WestJet Doing to Deal with the Headwinds?

Aviation , Travel

WestJet, which in 1996 began as a low-cost alternative to the country’s competing major airlines, is now 20 years old. The company has two decades of airline success stories, but the last 3 months have brought with it more economic turbulence than it had probably anticipated.