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Nov 22

Why Managing Cash Flow Is Important for Every Small Business


Cash flow is the incoming and outgoing cash from any business and is representative of the operating activities of the company. Every entrepreneur and small business owner instinctively knows that cash flow management is very important to keeping their business successful. Many startups fail because they don’t have a health cash flow.

Oct 19

Top 10 Accounting Steps All Startups Must Know

Startups , Taxes

Here are the top 10 accounting tips that every new entrepreneur should know before beginning their business. Whether you have just opened the online store after years of preparation or you have jumped into wearing the entrepreneur hat, this is a must read. 

Mar 17

Canadian Tax Evaders Monitored on Social Media


Social media posts of Canadian taxpayers who could be cheating on their taxes are being monitored by the Canada Revenue Agency. The agency is now focusing on collecting and analyzing many kinds of data for its use including information publically available online.

Aug 09

Small Business Accounting Toronto


The role of an accountant has evolved over the years, a couple of decades ago they would only be seen during tax season and disappear after that. Now businesses in Toronto and across Canada, both small and medium, look for much more in an accountant or a bookkeeping company.

Jul 23

How Barbados Became Canada’s Favourite Tax Haven


It was back in 1980 that the House of Commons debated a legislative rule that has changed Canada’s economy in a big way. The bill ratified a series of treaties dealing with tax between Canada and other countries including Spain, Austria and Italy.