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Dec 07

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Montreal’s Role in It


In a recent interview with Forbes, Canadian computer scientist Yoshua Bengio said that Montreal has emerged as an artificial intelligence powerhouse. In the interview with Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, a business and IT advisory firm, Bengio spoke about his work in the field of AI and how artificial intelligence is the future.

Dec 01

Seed Funding and How to Get Investors Interested

Financial , Startups

If your business idea is one that is gaining a lot of interest and you already have a product that has proof of concept, then you are most likely at the stage where you need funding to expand your line and next it to the next level. Early stage funding is one of the hurdles that every new company faces and knowing what to expect can help entrepreneurs tackle it much better.

Oct 19

Top 10 Accounting Steps All Startups Must Know

Startups , Taxes

Here are the top 10 accounting tips that every new entrepreneur should know before beginning their business. Whether you have just opened the online store after years of preparation or you have jumped into wearing the entrepreneur hat, this is a must read. 

Sep 29

Find an Angel Investor on a Deadline


If you think your company is ready for an angel investor, look no further. San Francisco based AngelList is a company that connects startups with angel investors and has now launched a new program for Canadian start-ups .The premise of the program is simple but effective, AngelList will help you connect with an angel investor and has a deadline of August 30.

Mar 04

SEO Vancouver of Vancouver


Many years ago, getting your website noticed was a pretty simple affair, these days you really need the help of a professional business like SEO Vancouver.

Feb 26

Interest in Vancouver’s FinTech Industry Is Growing


The financial technology industry in Vancouver is growing steadily, a report by the Digital Finance Institute said. The report added that the FinTech ecosystem in Vancouver remains small but is collaborative and its proximity to the Silicon Valley and Asian markets could be an advantage.

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