What the Gig Economy Means for Small Businesses

Side gig title

Recently a report in the Globe and Mail highlighted the term ‘gig economy’. The report, which focused on independent entrepreneurs, said that new businesses are now using different models, ranging from operating out of their own websites to using platforms that facilitate these independent ‘gigs’.

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Choosing the Best Electric Stapler for Office Use

office stapler

While experts have been predicting the “paperless office” is just around the corner since the 1980s, we think staplers aren’t disappearing from offices (or home offices) anytime soon. Here we’ve collected four of the best electric staplers for office use.

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Best House Rental Sites Toronto


Choosing a place to live in Toronto is a complicated process. Where do you search? There are old standbys such as Craigslist and Kijiji, but there are also other good options, like PadMapper. The mapping-based design helps when your apartment search is neighbourhood-driven.

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