Top 10 Business Books of 2017

Book and pen

Whether you a big businessman, small time entrepreneur or a just getting ready to go to business school, reading about the business world and the complexities of it will always help you make better decisions. Here are the top 10 business books of 2017 that you should read to bring your business acumen up to speed. 

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Rap Princess’ Five Tips to Rule Entrepreneurship

Rap Princess entrepreneurship

Miss Chay Bella aka Rap Princess is a published songwriter, author, social media influencer, and all around unconventional CEO. With her new single “Do It Anyway”, of course we know she hates rules. But who doesn’t? And if she had to hypothetically share a few to help you follow an intense passion or business idea, she would definitely do so in a heartbeat. 

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Learn French in Montreal With CFI

Conversational French Instruction website

CFI (Conversational French Instruction) was started by Emilie Manouk. With over 20 years of experience teaching French, let her enthusiasm for the French language help you open windows to the French-speaking world.  With over 200 million speakers in over 50 countries, French is one of the most widely used languages in the world.

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Why Business Travelers Are Choosing to Plan Their Own Trips

Air Canada Rouge plane

Travelling for Business isn’t always easy. Dealing with various work related emergencies, learning about new cultures and compiling the expense reports once the trip is complete are all just a small part of it. Business travelers have often used agents or specific personnel in their companies to plan their travel for them and book tickets and arrange accommodation; however in the recent past more business travelers prefer to plan their own trips.

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