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Nov 01

Returned Goods Being Resold for Deep Discounts Is Now a Big Business


Have you wondered what happens to the stuff that you return to stores? The appliances that you sent back to the online retailer or the furniture that dint quite fit in with your décor. Stores are now selling returned goods for deep discounts in bulk to other companies which then resell them at a profit. The resellers are now gaining a stronghold in the business.

Oct 10

Frank + Oak Looks to Expand Into Women’s Fashion


Montreal based  Frank + Oak  started off as an online menswear retailer and subscription service startup offering members a limited feed of clothing and accessories, it now looks to expand its membership scope and include women’s wear into its profile.

Oct 11

GardenCart Store for Garden Carts, Gorilla Carts

eCommerce , Press Release is an online business who have tried to put together a selection of practical, durable, reasonably priced, and high performance garden carts and wagons for Canadian customers. They have picked carts which are indestructible, collapsible, lightweight, and multi-purpose. They combine these virtues with free shipping in most of Canada!

Feb 11

Profile: Kijiji launcher Janet Bannister


44 year old Janet Bannister has been a high achiever ever since childhood. She started a successful muffins business during summer when she was only 14 years old with her father’s mentoring. She graduated at the top of her class at the University of Ontario’s Ivy Business School and has twice won the Canadian National Triathlon championship.