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Can Anyone Apply for Canadian Citizenship?

Canada is one of the most politically, economically, and socially stable countries globally. This North American country is also relatively peaceful and boasts one of the strongest passports.

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Pitching Your Business Idea to Investors- 6 Tips To Leave a Mark

Every entrepreneur needs to have a few secret weapons in their arsenal- a fantastic business idea, a fabulous pitch deck, and lots and lots of coffee to get you going.

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Look Ahead for the Blockchain Revolution

A new book, Blockchain Revolution, written by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott describes the bitcoin systems version of the blockchain system.

Choosing the Best Search Tags on Fiverr

Using the proper tags in your Fiverr gig’s profile can help you get found by customers more often and lead to more sales.

Billionaires of Canada: 10 That Started Small

Some names like Cirque du Soleil and Lululemon will be familiar, others like Jean Coutu less so – at least to English Canadians. Here are ten businesses that made their owners billionaires.  

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Three Financial Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Financial podcasts are a source of a wealth of knowledge and can be a great way to expand an entrepreneur’s scope of business. Today’s post will be on podcasts specifically for entrepreneurs, and there are three podcasts I want to highlight. Podcasts are audio files available online and can be downloaded onto our mobile devices;…

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Prep Up for Leasing Activities in these 4 Engaging Ways

Rental homes seem to be a lucrative opportunity for the landlords as everyone loves to earn an extra dollar. The most important step is to find a suitable tenant with whom you can mutually come on to the terms of leasing out your property. The American market is quite strong in leasing out properties, and…

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What to Look for in a Venture Capitalist

When you are a startup looking for an venture capital investment, any can seem like a great thing.

Virtual Assistants with EVA

EVA (Expert Virtual Assistants) is a company offering virtual assistants for some business areas ranging from Transcription and Legal Support to Software Testing.

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Tranquility App Hopes to Help Users Deal With Anxiety

A new Halifax based startup hopes the app will help users deal with anxiety. Halifax based Tranquility Online aims to help its users manage stress with its app. The app uses Cognitive behavioural therapy.