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Tranquility App Hopes to Help Users Deal With Anxiety

A new Halifax based startup hopes the app will help users deal with anxiety. Halifax based Tranquility Online aims to help its users manage stress with its app. The app uses Cognitive behavioural therapy.

What Are Explainer Videos, and How to Use for Your Business

An explainer video is actually a short animated video that is typically used bybusinesses to tell the stories of their brands quickly and in a memorable manner.

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How Barbados Became Canada’s Favourite Tax Haven

It was back in 1980 that the House of Commons debated a legislative rule that has changed Canada’s economy in a big way.

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Busting Fake News Could Be the Next Big Internet Boom

Fake news patrolling may be the next big Internet boom, HootSuite founder Ryan Holmes said in an article on Financial Post.

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How To Prepare For An Internal Audit

When an outsider reviews your documented processes, the procedure can highlight failure points or weaknesses that you may have to consider. As you might imagine, having your work processes questioned and any holes poked is usually an uncomfortable situation. It may take a bit of patience and time to prepare mentally to receive constructive feedback…

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Are Social Media Influencers Overrated?

A recent study by Stanford Business School researchers found that reaching people through social media influencers can be the same as reaching people through random social media users.

Transforming a Restaurant into a Trending Instagram Destination

Top ways to transform a restaurant into a trending Instagram destination.

AV Terms Meeting Planners Need to Know

When you’re organizing an event, it helps to know some of the lingo AV professionals use. The AV (Audio Visual) services industry is a $25USD Billion industry in North America, according to a study done by Acclaro Growth Partners.

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What to Include (and Avoid) in a Press Release

Writing a press release is an excellent way to get your business or event into the news without buying advertising, but there are things to keep in mind if you want to get it read.

WordPress for Business Web Development in Toronto

When the time comes to build a website for your business, your web designer will probably mention building the website on WordPress. Here’s why.