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Defending Your House From Rodents

You don’t really need to run around like a headless chicken once you have a site of rodents crawling the surface your sweet home instead understand how much of an invasion has really occurred. Just keeping your home and environment clean does not guarantee, pests will not invade but a effective way to prevent your…

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Canadian Game Cuphead Wins Three Prizes at 2017 Game Awards

Cuphead, the first game from Ontario and Saskatchewan-based Studio MDHR Entertainment, won three trophies at the glittering 2017 Game Awards, including Best Independent Game.

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Rap Princess’ Five Tips to Rule Entrepreneurship

Miss Chay Bella aka Rap Princess is a published songwriter, author, social media influencer, and all around unconventional CEO. With her new single “Do It Anyway”, of course we know she hates rules. But who doesn’t? And if she had to hypothetically share a few to help you follow an intense passion or business idea,…

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Why Did Shop.Ca Go Bankrupt? the Inside Story

SHOP.CA is a Canadian multi-merchant e-commerce website, and a Transformational Capital portfolio company. It was founded in 2011 and allowed its approved partners to list and sell products on its site.

The Top Canadian Tech Companies That Investors Should Watch out For

Canadian technology companies are performing well. There have been companies growing and expanding rapidly while the tech boom has been on and companies that have stayed in their prime even after media attention fizzled out.


The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Montreal’s Role in It

In a recent interview with Forbes, Canadian computer scientist Yoshua Bengio said that Montreal has emerged as an artificial intelligence powerhouse. In the interview with Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, a business and IT advisory firm, Bengio spoke about his work in the field of AI and how artificial intelligence is the future.

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Minutes Depot: Managing Corporate Minute Books Online

Minutes Depot (Minutes Dépôt) was founded in 2014 when Christian Saraililis, a lawyer and entrepreneur, teamed up with programmer Sébastien Rosa to create a product for businesses looking for management and sharing of corporate minute books.

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TRVL: Travel Enthusiasts Can Now Become Online Travel Agents

TRVL, a travel company which has launched its website to the public, is now enabling users to access tools that were only available to professional travel agent

U.S. Tech Taking Advantage of Canadian Taxpayers

American technology companies are taking advantage of Canada’s subsidized tuition and should be required to reimburse taxpayers.

SEO Vancouver of Vancouver

SEO Vancouver is a Vancouver company that provides businesses with SEO marketing services.