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Buzzly website

Buzzly: Your Personal Concierge

Imagine you are going away on vacation and you want to have someone check on your place while you’re gone. Lend them your key fob? Then you have to get it back from them and maybe it’s a hassle to get a spare from your building – some will charge a deposit too.

fingertip deals website

Fingertip Deals – Location based Deals, Coupons & Offers

Fingertip Deals is a new app available for Apple iOS and Android phones that lets users find local deals on resaturants and groceries.

CareLink-Advantage website

Startups Make Life Easier for Seniors, Caregivers

In Canada we don’t really have such a large supply of such technology aimed at caregivers of seniors and the seniors themselves.

Halifax startups

Halifax Ocean Economy Based Start-Ups Turning the Tide?

A report in the Financial Post said that Halifax was becoming a big fish in the ocean start-up ecosystem.

Toronto skyline

Wind Mobile Founder Tony Lacavera Creates $100m Venture Capital Fund

Wind Mobile founder Tony Lacavera creates $100M venture capital fund for investing in technology

Should Startups Focus on Making Money or Raising It?

In the age of Kickstarter, some companies are raising huge amounts of money to start up. However many of these companies don’t reach where they intend to.

marijuana plants

How Canadian Cannabis Companies Are Getting Ready for Legalization

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Canada for a short time now. Here is what the CEOs of four of the largest licensed companies dealing with cannabis had to say about how the industry is geared up for the process.

Toronto skyline

Regulators OK New Crowdfunding Rules for Firms in Five Provinces

Crowdfunding rules adopted in early 2016 by Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Remote Temperature Monitoring With Loggerflex’s Bun

Vancouver, BC – based startup Loggerflex has a durable device that lets customers remotely monitor and record temperature and humidity to solve everyday problems with a simple and user-friendly technology.

Are Canadian Tech Startups Underfunded?

Experts feel that Canadian startups remain underfunded when compared with their U.S counterparts.