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Hot Housing Good for Vancouver’s Furniture Business

Vancouver’s Hot housing market good for the high-end furniture business.

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Tax Tips: Restaurants Should Not Treat Tips as Income

But how do restaurants deal with tips in their taxes? There are actually two ways a restaurant can deal with the tips the staff make.

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Small Businesses in Canada Are Not Ready For CETA

With CETA due to come into effect at the end of July this year, most Canadian small businesses aren’t ready to take advantage of it.

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Get Fresh Seafood Delivered to Your Home With Daily Seafood

Daily Seafood is a seafood company, based in Toronto, that delivers sustainably-sourced quality seafood all across Toronto and the GTA. You can order online and have your order delivered or pick up right from their location.

Small Business Accounting Toronto

Finding a Small Business Accounting Service in Toronto

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Locally Made Mens’ Grooming Products the Rage

Fast forward to now and men have a wide array of artisanal products available.

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Premium Car Parts and Lighting in Canada

Parts Avatar strives to bring quality parts, reliability, affordability and exceptional customer service to all their customers.

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The Cell Clinic Cell Phone Repair Warranty

When choosing a location to get your cell phone repaired, the warranty is one of the most important factors you should consider. The length of the warranty (if any) and what the warranty actually covers should also be considered when making this decision.

Natural Pain Relief for New Mothers

Childbirth is a life-changing event, but it is also very taxing on the body, both before, during and afterwards. The Mama Strut by PELV-ICE™ is a patent-pending medical device designed to help women with the recovery process by helping to ease the pain naturally, reducing the need to painkiller drugs through therapeutic heat and ice…

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American Venture Capital Firms Are Interested in Canadian Startups

American Venture Capital Firms Are Interested in Canadian Startups