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What Are Real Estate Signs Made Of?

In this article, we will be answering a common question: what are real estate signs made of? The quick answer is it’s usually a durable material like a composite aluminium panel or corrugated plastic. These two materials are sold under different trade names like Alupanel and Coroplast.

Team Building With The Quiz Coconut

What happens when an ex-pat Brit who landed in Toronto misses his local pub trivia nights? He naturally starts a corporate events and team building company specialising in Quiz Coconut.

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Will Canadian Companies Be Affected by Baby Boomer Retirements?

Baby boomers are born after World War II until the mid-1960s. The first baby boomers reached the standard retirement age of 65 in 2011, and subsequently, others started leaving the workforce, making it difficult to fill in the gap of the retiring employees.

Why the Ontario Aerospace Industry Is So Important to Canada

Ontario’s aerospace industry deals with various sectors within the airline world. The Ontario Aerospace Industry is the second largest in Canada, employs around 21,000 people, and generates significant annual revenues of approximately $6 billion a year.

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Canadian Media Start-Ups Target Niche Consumers

Media start-up companies in Canada, especially news providers, are looking at niche areas to stay relevant while avoiding competition with giants.

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Can You Write-Off Business Expenses for Closed Business?

Can business expenses be tax deductible if you no longer operate said business? According to an article in the Financial Post, some business expenses can be tax-deductible even if the company doesn’t operate anymore.

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How to Deal With a Personal CRA Tax Audit

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) sends out letters every year to people it will audit. According to sources, around 30,000 such letters are sent out every year and can scare some taxpayers who receive this dreaded communication.

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Tips from Done Right Demos on Commercial Demolition

Some tips from Done Right Demos on Commercial Demolition on what to look for when hiring a contractor.

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Why Oktoberfest Is an Opportunity for Canadian Businesses

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest travelling fair and beer festival. Held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, it is a folk festival that lasts around 18 days from Sept to October and sees any people from across the globe attending the event. The festival is also known as the ‘beer-fest’ and is famous for its parades,…

Why Get a Vinyl Window Decal for Your Business?

A vinyl window decal is an image printed directly onto a transparent 3mm vinyl material sheet, allowing you to display your logo or message on your business’s storefront, windows or glass doors without entirely obstructing the view.