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The Code 20 Announces the Canadian GP 2023 Afterparty at La Voute in June

Get ready to party with the stars of Formula 1! The Code 20 is hosting the Canadian Grand Prix 2023 Afterparty at La Voute in Montreal this June.

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Canada’s Money Laundering Through Real Estate Risk

According to several new studies, money laundering is a growing problem in Canada, especially in Vancouver’s real estate market.  Recommendations by the C.D. Howe Institute and Transparency International point to the lack of enforcement of existing rules and privacy regulations that allow hiding the companies’ beneficiaries and owners.

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Tips for Drone Real Estate Photography

Drones are one of the best ways to capture truly appealing images from a variety of unique perspectives.

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Is There a Co-Working Revolution in the Real Estate Market?

According to an article in the Financial Post, the largest occupier of office space in Manhattan is not a bank or a law firm. Instead, it’s a real estate company that makes flexible office space available to commercial tenants, one cubicle at a time. In short, it is a coworking space.

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How Much Do Custom Neon Signs Cost?

How much do custom neon signs cost depends on a couple of factors? The main things that affect the cost of neon signs are the complexity, size and quality of the material used for the sign. LED, flexible neon lights are another popular option.

Beach Hill Media website

Professional Media Representation From Birch Hill Media

Birch Hill Media provides a full set of media services for the real estate professional in Toronto and the GTA.

The Printable Concept website

The Printable Concept Is an Art Store With a Difference

The Printable Concept is an art store with a difference: positive social change while selling art prints exclusively as printables.

Quarter Cheaper Signs Company Gives You an LED Display for Free!

Have you thought about an LED display to attract customers but are not sure about its effectiveness for a long time?You have an excellent opportunity to get a completely free “test drive” for the length of a month! website Connects Travellers and Tour Guides is a new type of travel company that offers to connect travellers and tourism companies directly. Launched in California in 2016, PrivateTour already has many tours in Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Calgary Start-Up Wants to Change How Houses Are Bought and Sold

Tech start-up ‘Properly’ aims to change the way houses are bought and sold in Calgary. A technology-based real-estate estate start-up cleverly named ‘Properly’ is hoping to change the way homes are bought and sold in Calgary.