Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cat Litter

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: June 23, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Cats are some of the best pets you can ask for. They are cute and can usually take care of themselves quite well, but they can sometimes be a little mischievous. While cats may not require quite as much maintenance as some other types of domesticated pets, there are still some things that only an owner can do.

Since cats are primarily indoor animals, they can’t be taken outside like dogs so that they can do their business. This is where kitty litter comes into play. Cat litter provides a place for them to do their business without leaving home. It also neutralises the smell, so you won’t have to deal with a smelly house.

Cat litter is placed in a litter box, where cats are trained to do their business. We will look at different cat litter types and the features you should look for in the best kind of cat litter.

Types Of Cat Litter

There are several types of cat litter that we will explain.

Clumping Clay

This is the most common form of cat litter that you will find. It is made of bentonite clay and is meant to clump up when your cat does its business. This makes it much easier to find the litter box parts that emanate smells. Unfortunately, it tends to get everywhere when refilling the litter box.

Non-Clumping Clay

For cats who aren’t fans of clumping clay, you can also invest in kitty litter which does not clump up when wet. This will be a little harder to clean up, but once you get used to it, it becomes simpler to clean up after your cat. This type of clay is also more affordable than clumping clay.

Recycled Paper

Another affordable and straightforward kind of cat litter is recycled paper, which can come in several forms. The main advantage of recycled paper kitty litter is that it is far more environmentally friendly than other types of litter. If you want to ensure that your cat’s litter is biodegradable, opt for recycled paper.

What To Look For in the Best Cat Litter

There are things you should take into consideration while buying your cat litter.


Whether or not your kitty litter clumps up when wet is one of the major decisions you must make when deciding on the best litter for your needs. Clumping cat litter is much easier to clean than non-clumping litter. However, some cats prefer non-clumping litter, so it helps to know your cat’s preferences.

Cleaning out the litter box more thoroughly ensures that clumping litter is likely to last you a longer time than other types. Clumping clay litter is not the only kind that tends to clump up when it gets wet, as pelletised paper litter and different types can also clump up, though not as effectively.


Many kinds of cat litter come with a scent, either natural or artificially added. This scent should usually overpower the smell of your cat’s urine and faeces, so you don’t have to replace the litter often due to the smell.

Some cats prefer not to use a litter with artificially added smells, so make sure that your cat will use the litter before investing in a big bag of it. Kitty litter made out of pine usually features a more natural smell that is not as overpowering as some artificial options.


You should also consider how expensive your cat litter is, as you may be purchasing a large amount of it in the long run. One way to cut down on the cost of your cat litter is to buy a lot of it at a time, which will reduce the price you pay per unit of cat litter.

Some types are more affordable than others; the key to finding the best cat litter is balancing the price point with the effectiveness and your cat’s willingness to use it. You can get the best deal on cat litter ever, but it will be useless if your cat refuses to use it in the first place.


We hope that we have informed you about the nuances of the different cat litter and what you should look for in the best cat litter possible. In the end, what matters most is that your cat will use it, as they can be picky creatures.