Canadian Tourism Sector Jobs Up

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: July 19, 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Even as employment opportunities in Canada are declining further, employers in the tourism sector are hiring recruits.

While the number of people who work full time in Canada in June has decreased, jobs in tourism-related markets are still on an uphill as many positions remain open due to the booming industry.

According to Statistics Canada’s monthly Labour Force Survey, Employment rose in the information, culture and recreation sectors in June. There was a job gain of 44,000, which was a 5.9 per cent increase over last year. Many of these new jobs were in industries related to tourism such as amusement, gambling and other similar sectors. Food and accommodation sector too saw an increase over last year, albeit small at 1 per cent.

Employment in the sector grew about 2 per cent in the first quarter, according to Destinations Canada, a national tourism marketing organisation. The organisation reported gains in the transportation, accommodation, food and beverage services, recreation and entertainment sectors.

The influx of tourists choosing Canada as an ideal travel destination, has translated to job growth, Charlotte Bell, the chief executive officer of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, recently said. There has been a 15 per cent spike in the number of foreign visitors into Canada from January to April this year, she said.

The demand began to increase at the end of last year and has since grown tremendously. The surge in visitors has led to more demand to fill jobs quickly. The strong tourism industry is a great way to create jobs almost instantly.

Foreign visitors are surprised when trying to book hotels in Vancouver and the Rocky Mountains for next summer and already finding them sold out, according to experts. International visitors continue to throng ski resorts and hotels. Visitors are bringing with them jobs for many Canadians who probably found it hard to land a full time or even part-time position. Save up to 30% with last-minute travel deals

Experts have suggested that those looking for jobs should focus on the sectors related to tourism to have a better chance of growth. The influx of tourists will mean more jobs for the locals, as hotels and recreational places are receiving high footfalls.

Similarly, airports too are facing higher traffic. Last month Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport saw its busiest month with more than 250,000 passengers passing through the airport. The airport also recently added recruits to deal with the higher volume of passengers.

“Customer service is a big part of why passengers love this airport so, and we definitely want to ensure that staff and service keep pace with passenger growth,” Sarah Sutton, a spokesperson for the airport said.

Some experts feel that even amid the weak job markets, the tourism sector is actually facing a labour shortage. The issue is seen on a national basis and should be taken seriously to help fuel more jobs, experts feel.

As more tourists come in to enjoy the benefits of the lower loonie, we should be more prepared to leverage the sector to bring in more money to the country.