Buzzly: Your Personal Concierge

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: January 5, 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Imagine you are going away on vacation and you want to have someone check on your place while you’re gone. Lend them your key fob? Then you have to get it back from them and maybe it’s a hassle to get a spare from your building – some will charge a deposit too.

What about if you’re having a party and you need to let a number of people in.  Sometimes the concierge will just let people in, but usually they’ll want them to sign in and possibly call you to confirm the person is expected (as they should). With all this administration work, you won’t have any time to enjoy your own party!

Buzzly, developed in Toronto, is a web app designed to help out in these situations and others by letting you set up a “virtual fob” to limit who can access your building and when. Buzzly adds smart home features to an apartment or condo buzzer systems without needing to install any hardware. Buzzly customers are given a new local phone number when they sign up, and they give this number to the building manager. From then on, when the buzzer is dialed by a guest it then communicates with Buzzly.

Virtual Fobs

Virtual fobs are a special secure link that Buzzly lets you set up so doors can be opened on a mobile device. With Buzzly, you can set the dates and times, or recurring day/times that these virtual fobs are valid. When opened on someone’s phone, they can then dial the buzzer, and Buzzly will unlock the door.

This is great for people that have friends, family, Airbnb guests, dog walkers, cleaning people, or others that need access to the building without you giving them a key. Virtual fobs can be deactivated or the access times can be changed by you at any time.

Multiple Phones

What’s more, all Buzzly packages give you a new local number, specific to you, for you to use with your building’s buzzer. Also, you can set it up so that Buzzly dials multiple phones (mobile or landline) when a call comes in, so that anyone in your household can be in contact with guests.

Scheduled Access

Buzzly can save you from distractions during the day by letting you set a time-frame Buzzly to handle calls. During this time (that can be scheduled as far in advance as you like) Buzzly will answer all buzzer calls and unlock the door. This is great for people that like to entertain and don’t want to constantly be answering their phone, are expecting a delivery, etc.

Buzzly is available in three package sizes depending on your needs. See the website for more information.

Buzzly is available in Canada and the United States and is fully built in Toronto. Visit to learn more about what Buzzly can do for you

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