Should You Bring Your Work Along on Vacations?

Work Life

Oct 18

Small business accounting company Xero recently did a survey of 551 business owners at companies which had fewer than 20 employees to find out how technology plays a role in their lives.

Many of the findings were surprising. 58 percent of respondents said they worked more than 40 hours a week with around 38 percent businesses owners claiming to work fewer than 40 hours per week. Many small business owners claimed that they had no tangible work schedule and even worked more than 55 hours sometimes.

However even with the standard schedules of around 40 hours of work a week, 77 percent of small business owners said they felt burnt out by work and only a meager 23 percent said they dint feel any burn out.  The respondents said burnout came in different ways. Around 72 percent of entrepreneurs who responded reported feeling a lack of energy and 61 percent said they dint get enough time to spend with friends and family while 51 percent said they are losing motivation.

Not surprisingly around 51 respondents said they took lesser vacations than they did before becoming business owners. 12 percent of entrepreneurs said they took no vacations at all during the previous year. They took a lot lesser than the national average of 16.8 vacation days.

Most business owners said even when they were on vacation or away from work; they had trouble staying away from work due to technology which kept them connected. 95 percent of respondents said they take technology with them while on vacation to monitor work. Only a meager 5 percent said they don’t use technology while on vacation.

Around 83 respondents who said they bring technology and work along to their vacations said they experience work related stress on their vacations. This means only 17 percent respondents actually enjoy their vacations without stress. This is also the case with the 85 percent of respondents who said they worked while on vacation. 41 percent of those said they had friends or family complain that they worked too much during their vacation.

Entrepreneurs feel a strong connect to their business so it is not surprising that they want to bring work along even when are on vacation. However could it also mean that they don’t trust anyone else to take over their responsibilities while they aren’t at work? It is high time people realized that while work is very important, taking a stress free vacation is essential for good health.