Big Ant Breathable Car Seat Cushion Review

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  • Date: September 22, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.
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For many of us, our cars are like a home away from home. We spend many hours a week in there, whether it’s travelling to and from work, dropping the kids off to school and other appointments, or using it to run errands throughout the day.

Yet, we don’t always make sure it’s as comfortable as possible or being looked after the way it should.

One of the biggest areas we neglect when it comes to car travel is our seats. Sitting in a car seat for long periods can be uncomfortable. You can experience a lot of heat in the warmer months or ice-cold conditions in winter, and it can also do severe damage to the seat itself.

Thankfully, there is an accessory you can easily fit in your car to solve all of these problems and give the interior a bit of upgrade, and it comes in the form of a simple car seat cushion. With the right cushion, you can keep yourself comfortable, stay at the ideal temperature, and protect your car from getting any further damage from the sun or general wear and tear.

Big Ant has developed a PU leather car seat cushion that aims to do all of this and more. We’ve reviewed the double set of car seat cushions to see what they offer and whether or not their customers were happy with how the cushion performed in their vehicles.

About The Product

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When you’re investing in something as important as a car seat cushion, you want to choose a brand that knows about vehicles. Big Ant is such a brand, and their entire range is devoted to you and your car, whether it’s protecting it, giving it an upgrade, or making the journey more comfortable for you and your passengers.

The Big Ant Car Seat Cushion is a luxury cushion with so many features you won’t usually find on these accessories. As well as being breathable and with antibacterial properties, it also features:

  • 2 x car seat covers;
  • Nonslip rubber sole to keep you comfortable;
  • Small front pocket for storage;
  • PU leather materials;
  • Comes in a range of colors and styles;
  • Easy cleaning and wear resistant design;

This car seat cushion would suit anyone with their vehicle, and it doesn’t matter how often you use your car each day. Even just parking your car and having the cushion attached will protect it from the harsh sun and other elements, so it’s not just made for your comfort.

Big Ant has so many great products for our vehicles, and this one covers practicality, style, and comfort all in one. There are plenty of styles to choose from, so you can have just a bottom cover or one for the whole seat, and there are different colours to match your car. This is the ultimate car seat cushion for those who need a comfier journey and want to keep their vehicle in top condition as much as they can.

What Others Say

Customers who lived in warmer climates were especially impressed with the Big Ant Cushion due to its performance in the heat. Rather than sitting on a hot seat or finding your leather and other seat surfaces cracked and damaged, you can sit on a breathable and cool car seat no matter the weather outside.

The breathability of this cushion is another bonus, and you’ll notice how much more comfortable this makes the journey. Just having the extra padding and ventilation through your seat can make even long trips more bearable, making it perfect for people who regularly travel in their vehicles.

Customers weren’t happy with the sizing, and everyone seemed to recommend checking measurements before choosing the right seat. There are different styles available, so you need to get the one for your model of car, but the seat measurements of the cushion are 21.06 x 8.90 inches so make sure it will fit your vehicle.

Customers found it easy to keep this clean, and most stains were wiped away without needing to be washed further. The addition of a side pocket means you can keep your phone and other personal belongings close by, which is another great practical feature that makes this a standout.

Buying Advice

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If you’re ready to upgrade your car and make each ride a little more comfortable for yourself, go to Amazon to get the Big Ant Breathable Car Cushion. They also make a back seat cover for people with larger families or carpools, so it’s worth considering.

Shopping with Amazon also means you benefit from free shipping, and in the case of Amazon Prime members, this will be sent with express freight. That means in just two days, and you could have your brand new car seat cushion installed and ready for action.

There’s no word on a warranty or refund period from Big Ant, so you need to make sure you’ve measured your seats and can make it work. There is some adjustment available, but generally, you should only choose these cushions if you’re sure they’re going to fit.

The Final Verdict

The simple addition of a cushion like the Big Ant Car Seat Cushion can make a world of difference to your car and its comfort level while driving. Not only will this protect your car from damage but also keep your body in an ergonomic position and with the utmost comfort as you drive here and there.

We spend so many hours in our cars each week but often neglect to give them the upgrades they need. To get this cost-effective and practical upgrade for your vehicle, click on the button below to grab a Big Ant Breathable Car Cushion.