How to Choose the Office Best Soda Maker

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  • Date: October 25, 2021
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If you like a fizzy drink with every meal and enjoy sipping on soda throughout the day, then buying a soda maker could be an excellent way to stay healthy while enjoying fizzy drinks.

You can make healthy alternatives to store-bought fizzy drinks that taste just as good and are not as high in sugar and other harmful additives with a soda maker. Soda could be any fizzy drink, and soda water is mostly carbonated water. You could make a wide variety of fizzy drinks at home with a soda maker.

Making carbonated water at home and adding some natural flavouring can be the best way to enjoy your soda maker. Still, if you prefer stronger flavours like cola, then you could buy the flavouring liquid and add soda water to it.

Further, there are also new types of soda makers that let you turn any beverage into a carbonated drink. It can work for just about any drink, think — a carbonated orange juice in the morning or a sparkling rose’ at dinner.

Soda makers are devices that work well for most homes since kids enjoy using them too. Drinking homemade healthy alternatives to a soda can mean that kids can still enjoy fizzy drinks without the guilt that comes with it.

Apart from using your soda maker for making different flavours of soda, you can also apply for making mocktails, cocktails and other adult beverages. A soda maker’s basic premise is that it uses carbon dioxide charges to inject the beverage with CO2 to make it a fizzy drink.

Buying a soda maker can save you money in the long run if you are someone who buys a lot of soda every week. It can help cut down on your recycling by avoiding the pile-up of plastic soda bottles or cans that we all hate.

Soda makers can regulate how much sugar or sugar substitute you add to your drink. You could even go for natural alternatives like honey or enjoy sugarless drinks by infusing the drink with sweet fruits like watermelon. If you use store-bought soda flavouring, you will still be consuming less sugar than drinking store-bought soda.

One of the first things to look for before investing in a soda maker is whether it is easy to use and easy to refill. The machine should be simple to use and easy to clean. Some are dishwasher safe, while others only need a quick wipe down with a damp cloth or cleaning wipes.

When you choose a soda maker, find one that comes with all the accessories that it needs to start making soda immediately. If you need to buy some parts of the machine separately, it can be a lot more work. The accessories that should come with your soda maker will vary with the type but usually include the CO2 can, bottles, and some flavouring liquid samples.

Different soda makers can make different volumes of beverages, so finding the machine’s capacity can be essential to know how many litres of drinks you can expect to make. Also, find out if the soda maker has a warranty. Generally, the longer the warranty, the better the quality.

It may not be possible to know how much you will use your soda maker until you bring one home. However, if you are the type of person or family that hosts many parties outside, then having a smaller portable model can be easier to carry if you intend to take it out into the garden or bring it to a backyard grill.

Soda makers can also let you control how carbonated your beverage is. While not all models have this function, the ones that will have a tiny LED screen will allow you to choose carbonation.

Top Soda Makers

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The best soda makers on the market under $45 are the SodaSparkle Home Soda Maker Kit and the Innovee Soda Siphon – Ultimate Soda Maker. These models are great to bring outdoors since they are portable and can go with you on trips or even to a campsite.

The SodaStream Fountain Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit is also a trendy model and has excellent reviews online from users. It can be a bit more expensive at around $60, but it is worth it.

So this holiday season, is there going to be a soda maker on your wish list?