Choosing the Best Search Tags on Fiverr

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  • Date: May 27, 2022
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Using the proper tags in your Fiverr gig’s profile can help you get found by customers more often and lead to more sales.

Fiverr has thousands of gigs literally, even if they’re organised into categories that are still thousands of other gigs you are competing against for potential customers.

While your gig’s heading should clearly state what you are offering in a gig, something too specific like “I will write an article about pet nutrition” means missing out on other related searches. Enter Fiverr search tags.

What Is a Search Tag?

Search tags are like keywords a buyer uses while searching for their desired services. While your gig’s title should tell buyers what they will get, you don’t want to limit yourself to that. Say you’re providing article writing services on Fiverr with expertise in the SEO niche. You might title your gig, “I will write an SEO article for small businesses article”. But, by being so specific, you might lose all those buyers looking for the articles on other SEO niches you might be targeting buyers for.

How to Add Search Tags

When editing your gig, you can add (as of 2021) up to five Search Tags under the Categories section when writing your gig.

Best Search Tags for Fiverr

Following the above example of “I will write an SEO article for small businesses”, how do you pick tags to catch buyers looking for other related topics?

A tag is like a keyword that helps Fiverr’s search engine find our gig. User search those tags, and the gig will appear on the search result page.

Using Fiverr’s Search to Find In-Demand Tags

There’s a well-known SEO trick for finding keywords in Google: type in a word or phrase you’re typing to rank for and watch as Google auto-suggest phrases. Autosuggest gives you an idea of what people are already searching for, and you can incorporate this into your keyword research. Guess what? Fiverr search also does auto suggest, and like Google’s, you can use this to see what other sellers are using to tag their gigs.

For instance, type in something random like “beer” As well as the expected “beer logo” or “beer label” Fiverr search also suggests “Minecraft bedrock” and “bedroom design.” Now I know what three of those things are, but there are 96 gigs for building things in Minecraft.

Clicking on some of those gigs will show you what categories (Lifestyle, Gaming for most Minecraft-related gigs). You can use this simple trick to find where your competition is and discover many popular niches you might want to target.

Analyse Your Competition

When you write your gig, you should look at what competitors in your niche are using. The same can be used when picking tags. Look at the gigs you want to appear in the same searches for. While you can’t see the tags they’re using (but you can make some guesses based on what shows up in a tag search), you can see their title and what they say in their description.

Look at what they do and adapt it to your gig without copying. You can use the same keywords they do but in a different way.

How Do I Get My Fiverr Gig Found?

Gigs that appear on Fiverr’s homepage are hand-picked or manually selected by Fiverr’s editors. You can do certain things to help increase the odds of your gigs appearing on the homepage.

Here are some simple things you can do to:

  • Offer unique services
  • Add eye-catching images or videos to your gig profile.
  • A short and specific gig title. Include the title keyword 2/3 times in the description
  • Write a good, clear description of your gig.
  • Find a niche with massive demand in the marketplace.
  • And make sure your gig is profitable.
  • Consider offering a 24-hour turn-around time.
  • Share your gig link on social networks regularly.
  • Sometimes you can request customer support to get your gigs featured on the homepage. They may accept your request, but there are no guarantees.

When thinking of gigs to compete in, maybe logo design might be an overly-crowded niche, but there’s a lot of opportunity in Minecraft-related services. Why not give that a try?

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