The Buying Guide To The Best Pet Water Bottle

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  • Date: July 31, 2021
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Water is an essential thing that none of us can live without, not even our pets. While we make every effort to ensure their hydration needs are taken care of, finding a portable water supply for hiking or road trips can be a challenge.

The pet water bottle was invented for this very purpose, and it gives you a simple way to ensure your pet has constant portable access to clean drinking water. With so many pet travel water bottles on the market, though, finding the best fit for your dog or cat can seem like a challenge.

This buying guide has taken the hard work of shopping for this pet accessory and found a few top recommendations for the best portable pet water bottle. We show you the best on the market, and what to look for in this pet-friendly accessory, so you no longer have to worry about meeting your best friend’s hydration needs when you’re on the go.

Our Recommendations For The Best Pet Water Bottle

A pet water bottle might have seemed like a crazy invention 20 years ago, but these days, we rely on the convenience that this type of accessory offers. You might like to take your dog for long hikes or be travelling on a road trip with your pet in tow and need portable water access that only these devices can offer.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best pet water bottles on the market for your consideration.

Winner: PetKit Pet Water Bottle

There are pet water bottles, and then there’s this one from PetKit.

It goes above and beyond what other styles offer and is perfect for the pet owner who really adores their animal and only wants the very best for them. 

Despite all the fancy features, it actually costs less than the others we’ve found to be great, so that makes it even better.

The PetKit Water Bottle stands apart thanks to its 100% coconut shell filter that helps remove impurities from the water as your pet drinks it. 

You will need to replace this every few months of use, which adds a little to the overall cost, but you can buy these filters in bulk to save yourself some money.

There are four trendy colours to choose from, including blue, green, and pink, so you can have a stylish accessory to match your pet. It also has a unique design feature with a one-touch button that opens the valve to the water, so your pet can drink and then it’s completely spill-free wherever you choose to store it after that.

This bottle has a 14 oz capacity that might sound like enough, but it might not be adequate for larger breeds of dogs. Therefore, be prepared to do some refills if you’re going on longer journeys because some pet owners have found their dogs were able to finish it all in one sitting.

This is the best non-drip water bottle pet companion on the market, and it’s got plenty of style in the design as well. If you care about keeping your dog hydrated but want to stay stylish as you do it, definitely check out this small pet water bottle from PetKit.

Runner-Up: Tuff Pupper Pup Flask

For the dog who’s a little less concerned about style and a little more concerned about hydration, the Tuff Pupper Pup Flask is another great pet water bottle.

Unlike other pet plastic water bottle options on the market, it’s completely safe and made from durable stainless steel with food-grade silicone used for the server.

If your dog is particularly thirsty or you’re travelling long distances and need an adequate water supply, the 24 oz that this Pup Flask can hold will certainly be enough.

This is a fair bit larger than the competition, so it’s ideal for larger dogs or those who drink a lot.

This is just as convenient for your dog as it is for you, with features like a large carrying strap that make it easy to hold. It’s got a leak-proof seal and a special release button that gives them a drink, and it’s then dispensed into the colourful leaf-shaped holder for them to drink from without a fuss.

Some have mentioned a leaking bottle due to the release valve not shutting after a few uses, but this isn’t standard. If you find any issues, the reviews show that the Tuff Pupper company has no problems replacing anything faulty, so this should give you peace of mind about your investment.

This Pup Flask is a little more expensive than the others, but we can assume that’s due to the high-quality materials used. If you’re in the market for a dog water bottle that can hold enough for your four-legged friend and want quality and reliable construction that will last for many years, this is a great option.

Alternative: Highwave Auto Dog Mug

When it comes to popular products, you’ve probably heard people talking about the Highwave Auto Dog Mug.

This has been one of the biggest sellers when it comes to pet water bottles, but as we’ve found, it might not necessarily be the best.

The Highwave Auto Dog Mug is great for people who care about what their pet is eating and drinking from.

It’s made in the USA and has been constructed from safe BPA free, and perfectly fine to put straight into your dishwasher when it needs a clean.

It certainly has plenty of good features to brag about, but many of the reviews complain about leaks due to a lack of seal. This can certainly be annoying when you’re travelling as you don’t want to worry about leaking water going everywhere.

You’ll be able to store 20 oz of water in this bottle which is a great amount for all sizes of dogs and even those who drink a lot. Compared to the smaller bottles that need refilling more often, this is a huge convenience, particularly if you’re going somewhere you’ll be without water access for quite a while.

This makes it suitable for smaller to medium breeds as they’ll be the only ones able to fit the mouthpiece. However, it’s excellent value for money and the cheapest options around made from BPA free materials, so it’s got enough benefits to be a top pick for some.

What To Look For When Buying A Pet Water Bottle

Buying a water bottle for your pet isn’t as easy as it sounds, and that’s why you need to know what features matter most to you and your animal. Keep these things in mind when looking for a good pet water bottle that will tick all of the important boxes and more.

Ease Of Use

Convenience is everything when you’re trying to feed your pet water from a bottle, so you want a design that will be easy to use and requires no fiddling around with complex parts.


We want to be sure our pets are drinking from safe water containers, so look for the things that you’d want for your own water bottle. Ensure they’re BPA free and are made from something durable and safe like silicone or stainless steel.


The size of a bottle refers to how much water it holds, and this is measured in ounces. Depending on the breed of dog and how long you need water for, you’ll want to ensure it’s at least 14 – 25 oz for a standard bottle.


The weight of your pet water bottle will determine how easy it is to carry around. If you’re taking it hiking or holding it by hand, you don’t want anything too heavy weighing you down once you add water to it.

Leak-Proof Design

Most quality pet water bottles come with a leak-free design because of how they’re used. Look for sealing valves or rings that promise to keep the water inside and not spilling everywhere.

A Must Have Accessory For Your Best Friend

Our dogs and cats rely on the nourishing power of water just as much as we do, and when you take them away from their pet bowls, you have to be able to provide a fresh and clean source for them. Any of these devices make a great pet water bottle, and it’s just a matter of choosing which one suits you best.

There’s no need to struggle with bowls and water spilling everywhere when you’re trying to keep your pet hydrated on the go, and these products prove that pet hydration can be stylish just as much as it is practical, too.